this weekend has been legit hell for me.
imagine it being good friday and shit wasn’t good.
i had book club stuff to do,
edits to the podcast,
and i had to write some entries.
it seemed God had other plans for me and it wasn’t good…

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Man Kills Wife and Posts Picture On Facebook. I Cannot.

murder9n-7-webthis just fucked me all up.
the man on the left,
derek medina,
killed his wife and then posted the picture on his facebook.
i have no words.
below is the picture of her dead body.
if you have a weak stomach,
please bypass this entry…

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The Redemption of Star Fox


when you have to say “goodbye” to a friend,
one who has had your back for a very long time,
it can be one of the hardest things to do.
like any relationship,
you both may start not seeing eye to eye.
little things they do start to piss you off.
it happens and it is normal.
some friendships end because the loyalty is gone.
your boyfriend becomes a target.
they listen to jealous or envious voices.
ask any celeb about all their broken relationships.
sometimes a time out is necessary,
but it should only last a little while.
star fox and i tho…
we talked last weekend after a good four months

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Jamari Fox’s Interview With A Vampire

last night i ended up in a white gay bar.

i didn’t plan it.
it kinda sorta just happened….

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Your Next Baller Wolf Maybe High on Viagra Ready To Dig You Out

5 hours of straight pipe to cheek beat down?
right after a game where they LOST?
you know that smash session will need plenty of water and a new headboard.
i don’t think i could take it.
some of you might enjoy that non stop bedroom roller coaster.
brandon marshall of the bears may have revealed a secret that may have some of you excited
or scared….

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