Let’s Record Him High and Send It to RadarOnline

i find videos like the following to be very sad.
so i didn’t know gary houston,
whitney houston‘s brother,
was allegedly addicted to drugs.
well i found out yesterday when an f-bi sent me the following article:

Whitney Houston Brother Caught Unconscious Outside Drug Den In Video

…courtesy of radar online.
of course,
i saw “drug den” and had to see wtf was up.
well in the video was so depressing to me.
it showed gary,
allegedly high af,
in his suv.
check it out below

there is a longer video with a close up of gary when she goes to the other side.

let’s get on this she-hyena behind the camera real quick.
you see him in his car like that and you don’t call 911?
what if he was dead?
did she at least get some money in her checking account?

dumb ass.
i hate when hyenas do shit like this.
the media already exploited his deceased sister’s own alleged drug den:

where is his wife,

i feel he may have had a relapse tho.
they say that was recorded 11 days after whitney’s anniversary of her passing.
bobby brown was crying on stage the other night over bobbi kristina:


that broke me.
i side eye him at times,
but as a parent,
you don’t want to bury your own cub.
the death was in the same fashion as your ex-wife.
i pray that they ALL can find some help and peace.
i can only imagine what that family has gone through.

lowkey: i saw this video the other day and it had me in my feelings…


i never saw it before,
but i was blown away.
it still shocks me that during that time,
she was an addict.

article and video credited: radar online

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Let’s Record Him High and Send It to RadarOnline”

  1. Gary, Whitney, and their other brother (I forgot his name) were all addicted to drugs. Her brother (the one name I can’t remember) actually admitted to introducing Whitney to cocaine. That should dispel the rumors that it was Bobby Brown who did it. Of course he didn’t make it any better, but he wasn’t the one that started her.

    I can only imagine what Cissy is going through. She had to bury her husband, daughter, and granddaughter. This family needs prayers!

    1. ^that is so crazy to me.
      how can one family has so much addiction????
      i heard that whitney allegedly introduced bobby to drugs.
      i don’t know how true that is tho.

      1. Michael introduced her to drugs. And the BET movie validated the Bobby Brown rumor was a lie. She didn’t introduced him to drugs. I think that was her way to try and “protect” him. I mean anyone with any sense should have known that. Bobby who was from the projects and was in a hit boy band in the 80s when coke was a party drug of choice. Coke was to the 80s as E pills was/is to the 00s. A party drug that people abused. Hell they are still abusing coke/crack as well.

    1. Honestly. I said it from the jump Pat looks like a snake to me. She just seems shady and something is just off about her. It was emphasized on the short lived reality show. I’m sure Cissy feels some sort of guilt or regret that she could’ve stopped her kid’s addiction. But at the end of the day, nobody put a gun to their heads and told them to do it. She warned them (especially Whitney) about the business and was very overprotective. So she done all she could have done. They made their decision.

      1. ^very sad.

        i’m sure she tried her hardest,
        but its crazy to me how all her cubs were addicts.
        one of the greatest voices of our lives ended the way she did.
        i still can’t get over it.

  2. That’s really sad. I’m still mad they blamed Nick Gordon for bobbi kristina death. i mean just like bobby brown i’m sure he didn’t help but it wasn’t his fault that girl was lost, look at the whole family. He needs help, they all need help.

  3. So sad, Gary, Michael, and Whitney were all addicts. Gary is the oldest and had problems with drugs in the 70s when he played basketball in college, but got clean. Michael introduced Whitney to drugs in the 80s when she became fameous. In the Oprah interview he says he can’t remember when he introduced her but I’m thinking it’s early on when she became famous. Whitney came out in the 1985 when she was 21, by the late 1980s she was using cocaine a lot according to Cissy. Whitney and her friend Robyn both were using cocaine but Robyn told Cissy that Whitney was enjoying it too much. Cissy confronted Whitney about it, but really didn’t take it further. Whitney was comfortable around Bobby since they both were users. Whitney didn’t introduce Bobby to cocaine, however I do believe she introduced him to the expensive good stuff. Whitney used all through the 90s and her drug use picked up after she had her daughter in 1993. 1994 was Whitney year, and the video Jamari posted was the 1994 Granmys and Jamari your right she was addicted at this point. You could look in her face in 1994 and tell she was using, and look at her in 1995 and 1996 with her movies she went downhill right after 1993. Her body and her voice suffered, but her star power increased. Something had to happen in their childhood for all 3 siblings to be addicts. I also side eye Pat Houston, I feel there is something very wicked about her. At first I didn’t believe Leloah Brown, Bobby Brown sister but now I see something is up with Pat that is very odd. I wrote all this because I’m so upset that we lost Whitney and her daughter that was such a tragedy. I grew up to my mom and aunties blasting Whitney music and The Preachers Wife was one of my favorite movies as a child. It might sound weird but losing Whitney felt like losing a family member. Whitney voice was something magical, her whole experience was something that no other singer then or now has done.

  4. I Couldn’t even watch the video it’s too sad to see her family like this. Whitney was and is still my favorite singer no one had a voice that could command a stage like that and make you feel it through your bones.

    P.S. Love the video you posted, maybe it’s just me but till this day I still go on YouTube and just watch radom live Whitney performance I’ve never seen and get my life.

    My favorite is this one


    1. Mikey, I do that too from time to time. I also watch Mariah’s old performances from the early-mid 90’s. Both of them at that point were breathtaking performers and artists.

  5. Damn, I wish she recorded an operatic aria at her peak. That shit would have SHUT everybody down!

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