Flashman Wade Is Not Your “Sis”

flashman wade has some gays upset today.
it’s over the “s” word.
so as you know,
flashman wade is pretty gay friendly.
he knows we like his butt cheeks and drops his drawz for us.
he does shit like this on his connectpal:

…and it keeps everyone’s loins in a tizzy.
unlike other “supposed gay friendly straights”,
the ones who post half naked pictures and get offended if you comment,
he is pretty open to the lustful thoughts you leave.
well he posted this picture on his twitter with this caption:

…and and someone called him “sis”.
fantasy ruined?
Β  an f-bi sent me some of his fans took offense like so…

the only straights i see calling each other “sis” are vixens.
other than that,
it’s gay terminology.
so my question is this…
flashman wade makes his money off being “gay friendly”,
but if he doesn’t want to be called “sis”…

…Is that really an issue?

in the straight world,
that means you are calling him a female.
are two straight wolves really calling each other “sis”?
nuh huh.
he has said countless times that he is straight.
so respect it.
if a homophobic jackal called these same gays a “f*ggot”,
they would be introducing him to those paws.
it’s in the same context.
i don’t like being called “sis” and i’m submissive.
my choice.
you can be the most feminine male,
but if you don’t want to be called “sis” or “bitch”.
then it’s their choice.
this is why we can’t have nice things.
some of us don’t know how to respect them.
s’all i’m saying.
if i’m wrong,
please let me know.

lowkey: i don’t see these same folks “@” the legit homophobes tho.
flashman wade has been an ally and gets disrespected.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

60 thoughts on “Flashman Wade Is Not Your “Sis”

  1. Gay or straight, if someone doesn’t wanna be called a particular name, respect it. It doesn’t matter what his sexuality is or isn’t he’s been mad respectful in instances he didn’t have to be.

    I still wanna eat it one time before I die though. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

  2. I’m with wade on this. I’m a grown ass man put some respect on it dont call me sis. i have friends both fem and masculine and I’m in tune with both sides in myself but I’m not no one’s sis lol some men are just too extra and worse than females in my opinion, even some str8 men. i have a philly kik group full of all types of gay men and the convos are interesting lol

    1. ^i think most gays have become OD sensitive.
      its ruining how we should think and perceive others.
      its crazy how others get upset when things are done to them,
      but will disrespect others and find offense in it.

      i don’t get it.

  3. Who is this guy?
    Is he a model?
    I’ve seen you feature him, but I am not sure why he is popular in the gay community?
    Does he do porn or something?

    1. He just the usual light-skinned, tattooed, muscled entity that most black gays tend to worship over…

      1. So he’s just famous for posting pics and videos? Is he a model? Like I really don’t get it. Is he like the male Kim K? Famous for being famous?

      2. He is a model.I believe he has two books out(modeling) I believe his book Dark shows frontal nudity.He appears in videos for up and coming artists.Last year he did a couple of shows during NYFW for some lesser known designers.

  4. I am gay MAN and I would be highly offended if someone called me sis or bitch or queen because I am not a woman, I am a guy. Same thing with man of color o person of color. It’s literally colored people, but grammatical changed.

    Ghetto Trash have no right to be offended or angry over a person who most likely like to be call by his first name. He sounds no different from black dudes (including white dudes) who called me “Nigga” or “Brotha” I’m not a nigger nor am I your brother. I have a first name that you should address me by, and if you don’t know my name then simply asked me or otherwise don’t call me any other names.

    1. Then you must think Flashman Wade is “ghetto trash” because he regularly uses the word “nigga’ when referring to himself and/or others

      1. I wonder what his reaction would be if someone told him that they didn’t want to be referred to as that

      2. ^at what point does he say “don’t call me that”?
        if he is okay being addressed as “pineapple”,
        as most are,
        then that is his prerogative.
        if he doesn’t want to be called “sis”,
        that’s also his prerogative.
        if a male doesn’t like being called daddy when you’re fucking him,
        will you still call him “daddy”?
        if a female doesn’t want to be called “bitch”,
        will you still call her that?

  5. Personally, my friends and I use “sis” and “gurl” interchangeably and we all slide up and down the pole of “masculinity” (no pun intended).
    But I really do blame social media for instances like this tho. Somewhere along the way ppl started believing that just because you could share every single solitary opinion, and maybe get it favorited, that it was law…that individual preference had to bend to political correctness…that you could bully someone into your POV.

    Nah son. If that man doesn’t want to be called sis, no matter what he identifies as, don’t call him sis – that simple.
    If he were gender nonconforming and wanted to be referred to as “it,” they would gather that coin for that connectpal w/o a problem because he fell in line w/ their brand of being woke.
    The hard part about truly being woke (in this instance) is not asserting that masculinity and femininity are relative and fluid, or discovering some people don’t care to challenge themselves to think about something differently, but that making sure in your being so woke you aren’t marginalizing and assaulting someone else.

    Just from some of the comments here, it’s easy to see that our unique definitions and demonstrations of what it means to be a man (gay or straight) exist somewhat similarly. So, in this society, ol’ dude wanted to call a (black) man who identifies as straight, sis? And was surprised when he said, “Nah?”

  6. For real. If he doesn’t like that he doesn’t like that period. He hasn’t been direspectful at all he just said don’t call me sis. That twitter guy must have some issues. I don’t mind people (friends, really close friends tbh) calling me all kind of bitch sis girl, i don’t mind bro man dude either. But we can’t force a person to accpet something he doesn’t want. Him not being ok with “sis” doesn’t mean he hates gays lol. Jeez some people are always doing too much about nothing. This is a non issue.

  7. I have never heard a man or woman call a straight man “sis” except when they are using it as an insult.I’m curious where this guy lives where “a Lot of straight people are using the term”.I personally have never called anybody “sis”in my life,I will say “girl” but not “sis”.In general I don’t use female pronouns or female terms when I’m talking to or about a guy.But I will admit I have called a guy or two a “bitch” as an insult.But they were straight guys and they started it.Don’t start nothing,won’t be nothing.LolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. ^ive never heard two straights males address each other as “sis”.
      it just doesn’t compute.
      if i heard that,
      im automatically gonna consider them as down with the foxhole.

    2. I know most straight dudes refer to each other as bro. I even call my straight friend bro, such as in “bromance”. I think men calling each other girl and sis is insulting and if any of my peers called me that, I’d give them a mean look. I’m a man and dont need to be associated with feminine pronouns, just like I’m a black male and ignore folks that refer or associate me with the term “nigga”.

    3. “I have never heard a man or woman call a straight man β€œsis” except when they are using it as an insult.”

      Thank you, I wanted to say this when I made my post earlier I’ve never seen a person call a straight man sis unless they was calling him suspect (gay) or suspect/demeaning him. So no that’s not gender neutral you just want to call him sis and tell him what you want him to do.

  8. Oh please. Gay dudes kill me w/ that “sis” shit and trying to make up rolling rules in regards to how the hell they/we operate. Bitch, you know damn well you use SIS to demasculate a guy the way you did. But if he called you a “fag” and said it isn’t bad, but holds some other colorful ass meaning you wouldn’t hear him out at all, huh? Nigga bye.

      1. It’s so real, man.. the shit is sad. We fight for all the wrong stuff and when we get into certain positions we do the same things we claim we hate. A lot of these black gay guys are acting just like white gay men w/ their entitled, undeveloped and ignorant ass egos.

  9. *sighs* *rolls eyes* *takes a deep breath*

    The gentleman that called Flashman Wade “sis” is probably one of those type of gays that can’t help but to call everyone “sis” because that’s what he hears and interpret as being accepting. He is so used to the gay lingo/lexicon/slang that whenever he hears it, he equates with males who are effeminate or a butch queen when they’re not. This is a classic example of feminine vs masculine and the fallacy of gender identity. However, according to Dallas “Flashman” Wade, he is not gay nor even want to be called “sis” because he is not gay nor want to be feminized. So now with that said, let me prose a question to the foxhole: are we really men in terms of gender or men in terms of mannerisms?

    The reason why I ask that is because gender identity and gender roles are now blurring to a point of really confusion, to me anyway. I mean this is very hard for black men to even be men anymore without someone calling them “sissy” or “punk” or “faggot” because if we don’t show some sort of bravado (boldness, toughness, “manliness” aggression) that we’re called those names. So in a way, it’s like Flashman Wade is now the target for lack of manhood by another gay man, which to me is sad. The gentleman from the twitter post must’ve been one of those men (gay or not) that was bullied and ostracized for his lack of manhood and probably wants to interject his lack of manhood onto a man that is confident in his own skin for being a model and is very attractive and in shape.

    Now for the read: to my gay men of color: STOP CALLING EVERYONE “SIS” “GIRL” “HUNTY” etc. for the sake of everyone who is not effeminate like you! We have visited this before in a post where Jamari Fox talked about those gentlemen with the rice and cabbage boy (Feminine Gays Are No Threat To The Enemy https://insidejamarifox.com/feminine-gays-no-threat-enemy/) that did not pose a threat to the enemy. I have made questions about it and Louis Philippe got offended or whatever and I challenged his answers in hopes of getting him to see that its not that serious, but I guess it is!

    In closing of this very long ass comment, I am getting tired of these jackals and hyenas always making some straight male fantasy a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious supergay fantasy! I get it! I freaking get it he’s hot! But stop being so thirsty over it! That’s like making Odell Beckham Jr. a super butch queen when he’s not (although I did feminize him just a bit because he does come off like a butch queen and even went as far as giving him a ballroom house name: Odell Mizarahi). I mean if he’s not gay, THEN HE’S NOT GAY DAMMIT! Also, just because these straight males coming up now that are wearing their eraser top fades, blonde dyed Bart Simpson nappy hair, frohawks, tight jeans, jordans, etc. are not at all gay! If you want to know what a gay man is: then here is my definition: HE’S A MAN WHO IS ATTRACTED TO MEN BOTH ROMANTICALLY AND SEXUALLY! PERIOD!

    1. Hello! What pains me is how we go out of our way to try to “shade” or prove a damn point to someone or about someone who doesn’t even know we exist, but acting ugly makes you look the part and that guy on that twitter post is a reflection of his behavior..

    2. ^this is a damn good comment brandon.
      i’m interested in others opinion on what you said.

      i see folks throwing around steven beck is an alleged fox.
      they throw that around on tumblr and he has never said he was gay.
      we can only assume,
      but he identifies as straight.
      they emasculate him because of that too.

    3. This WHOLE part right here! Can you believe that I was dragged for referring to a gay male as “Bruh”? Yes, I am same gender loving, and I am and identify as male and move through the world as a man. I have a few friends that interject bitch, chile, ho and other ‘feminine’ adjectives as the equivalent of “girl, bye” during our convos, but I am aware and respectful enough to not address anyone else that way that I don’t have the RELATIONSHIP EQUITY to do so with, even if they use the terminology, and refer to themselves as such.

      I try to keep my language gender-neutral, if there’s such a thing. I appreciate your comments, and the fact that you can express yourself coherently and with great grammar. It’s hard out here in these social media streets for those who read for understanding, LOL.

  10. I would never tolerate another man calling me “sis.” I am a man, and I will be addressed as such. I am tired of this gay terminology, it has really grown out of control. The dilemma arises when you have some who prefer to be called “sis” or “girl” and then you have the ones who do not. I personally find it all offensive. I have the same thoughts on women who call each other “bitches.” Is demeaning language the norm now?

      1. Vivica A. Fox called one of the dancers from her show, “Black Magic” girlfriend. She tweeted it that out! Like really Viv? Really you botox laboratory experiment rat?! *takes a deep breath* I’m good now! I was about to read her just then!

  11. I don’t innerstand why people will defend their right to address you as anything that you reject, and be dismissive of your prerogative to not allow it; then compound the issue by feigning offense or being dismissive of your basic rights because you call them on it. You don’t have the STANDING to insist on calling me anything I don’t want to answer to, or be addressed as. It’s not an ego trip, it’s an IDENTITY trip, if you have to call it anything. This is so unnerving. I struggle with this all the time on the plantation. Yes, my name is Steven, but I prefer Steve. I damn near boil on the inside when people who routinely call me Steve address me as Steven in email or in passing, being assholes. Females are notorious for this (with me), too. I’m on his side, period.

  12. i’ll tell a quick story about this topic:

    i was looking real scruffy one time at my old job.
    i ended up getting a haircut.
    one of the white snow foxes saw me and said:

    “yaaaaassss the bitch is back!”

    now i don’t even know this dude like that.
    he knew about me,
    i joked with him,
    but i never addressed him by anything besides him name.
    i checked him for it.
    you know he never spoke to me again after that?
    he had the legit nerve to get offended!!!
    he was so busy trying to emulate a stereotypical black vixen,
    he thought because i sleep with males that i would tolerate that shit.

    nah homie.

  13. I just find it hilarious that a man who displays his dick and ass all the time would object to someone calling him by a certain name.

    1. ^^^^^ Okay then so I guess he’s not who he is based on himself showing off his ass and dick. Okay then what about when women do it? When they show off their titties and ass all the time. Aren’t they’re lesbians? I’m just wondering.

      1. It applies to both men and women. When you put yourself out there like that, then you open yourself up to all types of comments and labels. This is not meant to be prudish, but it is what it is. I don’t think there should be any controversy surrounding this topic. If Flashman Wade doesn’t like being referred to as “sis”, then just block those who call him that. I think the whole situation is being blown way out of proportion.

        About the lesbian part: who cares? In Wade’s situation, people may think he’s gay because the majority of people following him are probably gay. Who knows? Who cares? Is he turning down gay men’s money for his Connect Pal account? I don’t think so. He should just let that stuff roll off his backside like water so long as he is being compensated monetarily for it. Besides, won’t he let you see the water roll down the crack of his ass anyway?

      2. The guy called him “sis” he simply said don’t call me “sis”.He is well aware that some people think he is gay.He responds to gay guys all the time when they complement him.He didn’t curse the guy out he just set him straight no pun intended.I wonder how other guys who do nude modeling showing their asses like Royal G, Sean Lavacier,etc would have reacted if some guy had called them “sis”.I predict he would have been cursed out.The guy was being messy,IMO.

      3. ^^^^^Y Colette, I agree with you, but that wasn’t my point. When people do the things that Wade and others do, all sorts of people will respond to you in all sorts of manners — especially with great disrespect. But that comes with the territory. This is why most of us don’t display ourselves publicly like that. That’s why this is way overblown. And in other news, water is wet.

      4. @RK You know what,it bothers me when people say you should “expect” to be disrespected if you do x, y or z.For example, a woman should expect to be called a slut if she wears A or B.Or a guy should expect to be called a gay slur if he wears A or B.NO,I will wear what I want to wear and if you call me a disrespectful term you are going to get cursed out.If you try to touch me you are going to get pepper sprayed.

        Earlier I mentioned I called a couple of guys”bitches” that’s because they called me a hoe and a bitch.People need to learn just like you have the right to say what you want ,I have the right to check you , when you disrespect me.Freedom of Speech is a two way street.

        We will have to agree to disagree on this one.πŸ˜‚

        Have a nice evening.

      5. ^^^^Y Colette, I always enjoy reading your comments on this website. They are consistently some of the best comments posted. But frankly, you and I both know that we are not talking about what clothes you choose to wear. Please don’t conflate this situation with the other. We are not talking about vile language or violence here. No where did I say it was acceptable to call people out of their name as you have insinuated. But I did say that considering the nature of his career, he can expect to get responses from all classes of people. In no way am I condoning bullying or violence. And it is wrong for those things to occur. But I fail to see what was so egregious about this particular situation.

        As I stated earlier, I think this whole situation was blown out of proportion. But as you stated: Let’s agree to disagree on this one. No hard feelings at all. I think that you and Old Head post the best comments around here. Goodnight.

  14. Some people use terms that are spoken with their friends, so be mindful of how one use loose terms when talking with others! So respect what an individual think and will not tolerate!

  15. Basically the twitter guy got in his feelings because he probably wasn’t expecting for Flash to single him out like that. So instead of just apologizing he tried to come off smarter than he is.

  16. I actually use terms like sis, girl, bitch and more among friends. however, I just do that if I know that person is okay with it I would never call somebody else sis because I know straight or gay that is not for everybody.

    I actually agree with flashman on this the guy was wrong he asked him nicely don’t call me sis and that should have been it respect a person’s wises. I don’t want somebody straight calling me girl or sis or kween or anything of the sort it’s just not what I’m comfortable with.

    This actually sucks because actual commentary about hyper masculinity, femmephobia and etc are real ass issues but this wasn’t that.

  17. I actually agree w/ Wade here. Respect me and put some respeck on my name. It’s really as simple as “Don’t call me that. Because I said so.”
    But skimming and scanning some of these comments made me forget where I was. Errbody here is gay or an ally but spouting stuff like “I’m a man and address me as such….”
    Huh? That’s all relative.
    Literally a world full of people would argue that no one in/on this post is a “man” because of who we are attracted to/sleep with no matter how “straight” or discreet you come off in the streets. So all this? – over names?
    Being a man is much, much, much more than any form of address that might offend you by reminding you that you’re not hetero. And manhood ain’t never been relegated to the rigid brand of masculinity we’ve been taught to value and perform. Ask yourself why – “as a man” – being referred to as anything feminine is sooooo offensive and unsettling? It’s the same conundrum we experience with the whole tops and bottoms debate where the one who’s perceived as less masculine is devalued debased. #NotOnMyWatch

  18. waymint … JUST realized that maybe this is about power. performing masculinity and defining manhood by those around us might be the last little bit of power we can grasp or prove we have in this society as men of color, especially gay men of color… still gives me pause but it opens a whole new perspective (at least for me) on the stuff expressed here

  19. Lol this is what happens when you constantly entertain gay men. They will get super comfortable around you. Have fun Flashman!! πŸ˜‚

  20. Everytime I see a gay man referring to another man as “sis” on the internet parts of my soul dies inside. WTF is that about? And who are these queens defending this ratchet flamboyance?

  21. Uh no. I’m going to have to kindly disagree with this mess. 1st of all Mr. Ware wants to be famous also in his own little weird way I guess one could say he’s actually a little famous. He’s been on a TV show and in a magazine or two. Famous ppl get called names all of the time not to mention ppl with as many followers as Mr. Wade gets a lot of comments and likes per video or pic so why even give this one the time of day??! That in itself is questionable. I actually detest being called “bruh” & once upon a time tried to fight everyone who called me that but now as an ADULT at twenty-four years of age I swallow that pill and keep it pushing. Your not going to be able to fight every person that calls you a name you don’t like. It just won’t work. So Mr. Wade needs to get out of his feelings before I question why being called sis or any lingo for that matter gets him so angry. One of my favorite quotes ever is “People usually strike out at what truly represents them”. Sidenote: I’ve never heard straight men call each other sis but still…it’s not that deep wade just ignore and do you. Also this may hurt your coin cause the lgbt community does not take lightly to disses in any way shape or form personally idgaf he’s still sexy.

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