flashman wade shows how much horsepower is in that tail for his stroke resume

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in every onlyfans career of “only showing bawdy“,
the audience can start to get restless.
how many angles can you show your penis or butt cheeks?
“oh look!
they jumped and down wearing sweatpants!
how fun!”
marshall price and gregym have started havin’ sex on their onlyfans.
that is the step up from “look at my bawdy in creative ways“.
it’s now:

“Look at what I can do!”

i haven’t heard about flashman wade in a minute.
i know his onlyfans was “how many angles can i show my cheekage“.
it seems he has started having sex now.
he did a scene with samie duchamp that someone uploaded…

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grandy glaze and his new friends want to rock your boat (for a limited time only)

WTF is Grandy Glaze doing?

it’s monday so let’s just go there.
for the life of me,
i don’t know get what grandy has been doing during this era of his life.
it’s so bizarre.
i get the onlyfans,
but the other attentionisto shit has me asking so many questions.
his come-up with his new friends is an interesting one to font the least.
this for instance with malik joseph,
air thugger,
and flashman wade:

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flashman wade gets his big cake eaten for the first time on camera

*the following is rated XXX
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

i’m often curious when a vixen tells me they ate some straight wolf’s tail.
the question of cleanliness always pops into my mind.
males stop wiping even the highligher keeps marking the paper.
one vixen told me she makes sure he takes a bath first.
a bath?!?!?!
so wait…

He just wiped the outside real good?
What about the inside?

that’s where all the drama lies.
one wrong tongue thrust and it’s shit faced city.
flashman wade won’t ever convince me he never had his tail munched on before.
with a tail like that,
that’s usually part of the foreplay.
sooooooooooo we’re in luck!
 a foxholer sent me his first time getting his tail eaten and well…

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flashman wade takes a vixen to pound town

*the following entry is rated x.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

not a lot of males know how to fuck good.
a clit?
what’s that?
a lot of it has to do with them being selfish or not knowing what they’re doing.
it’s a “get in; get out” in many of these sexual entanglements.
add to the fact there is no passion or chemistry so it’s literally a trip to pound town.
pound town being:

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard,
your cheeks will sound like the clapping in Radio City Music Hall.”

good strokes to me is all about the tempo and variety.
it’s like a dance,
knowing when to go slow and when to beat it up.
someone sent me flashman wade having sex and…

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dallas wade is with the shits (literally)

some folks like shit.
i knew of someone who liked scat play so much,
they would be giving head during or after taking a dump on the toilet.
other times,
they would drop their brown babies off on their wolves chest and stomach.
they said the rancid smell turned them on.

Everyone has a fetish

i’ll only allow one bodily fluid on me.
as you know,
dallas wade is the shit.
he is tapping into those with a particular fetish.
this is what a foxholer sent me from his onlyfans page
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flashman wade is a catfish nightmare

folks still catfish nowadays?
i never understood how that is still going on in with “facetime”.
video dms.
well foxhole fav,
flashman wade,
was on television recently.
mtv’s “catfish”.
a vix-bi sent me the video of him confronting his catfish.
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