dallas wade is with the shits (literally)

some folks like shit.
i knew of someone who liked scat play so much,
they would be giving head during or after taking a dump on the toilet.
other times,
they would drop their brown babies off on their wolves chest and stomach.
they said the rancid smell turned them on.

Everyone has a fetish

i’ll only allow one bodily fluid on me.
as you know,
dallas wade is the shit.
he is tapping into those with a particular fetish.
this is what a foxholer sent me from his onlyfans page

i can just imagine

Dallas position the camera behind him on the toilet seat.
Him getting in the squatting position on the said toilet.
He makes sure all the goods are  in full view and…

i won’t judge.
some are into some intense kink.

Don’t pee on me.
Don’t vomit on me.
Don’t shit on me.

you will be castrated on sight.
as for dallas,
you know folks love that wagon of his

you know someone(s) will want to see what cums out of it.

check out his onlyfans: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

30 thoughts on “dallas wade is with the shits (literally)”

  1. Wooowww, he’s the last person I would have expected to do this. But hey, thats one thing I can say about Dallas, he caters to his followers no mater what it might be. Im subscribed to Safaree and all he do is post dick videos, either him jacking off or bustin a nut, nothing else. I wouldnt mind seeing some variety (within his comfort zone ofcourse) like walking around naked, jackin off with his legs in the air so we can see his hole too, working out naked, anything…just something different (other than those foot fetish pics) For the most part, he dont even show his face in the videos just him from the neck down and thighs up 😒

    So even though others might knock it, atleast Dallas knows his followers and is willing to give them what they want

  2. Dallas is actually my friend. I contacted him when I heard about this foolishness! He told me he actually didn’t want to do it. He briefly sold his OF to a fetish company, they advertised him doing it, and so many purchased it. He had to go through with it. Now they would’ve had to sue my ass!!!!!!! Cause ain’t no damn way I would let that happen! All money ain’t good money! But I guess I understand if he didn’t know the perimeters of what was in the contract…3 words, Dallas…T…L…C!

    1. Haha, his thread got LOCKED on LPSG because of this incident.

      They don’t play with scat

      Theres no way in hell someone has to do that if they don’t want and that company would better have to open up their pocket books for refunds because nope, there needs to be a strong lime somewhere

  3. i remember years ago i had a top hit me up and ask if i would be willing to shit while he fucks me. yes he wanted to fuck the shit out of me. literally. i didn’t go thru with it. i was caught off guard. i had no idea it was a thing.

  4. The most Vile act!!!! . He lost points with me here.. There are lines I don’t cross as far as SEX.. For me this is a very personal human function that I need privacy and respect the privacy of others

  5. Absolutely disgusting! People are weird for what they like, but to each his or her own. Whatever turns them on, then so be it but not me hunni!

  6. I noticed this is a common downside to the onlyfans gig. You have to do progressively weirder and grotesque things to keep your fans interested or else they get bored and move on.

    Niggas start off doing simple jerk off videos, then you come across their videos a few months down the line and their shoving dildos up their ass, getting skeeted on and all kinds of crazy shit.

    Your dignity can’t be worth that much.

    1. I love when they start shoving dildos up their asses. Turns me tf on tho tons of bottoms get mad af cause it ruins their straight chasing fantasies lol. This wild scat stuff tho? Nah way too far.

    2. dildos and getting skeeting on isn’t really all that crazy, they’ve been doing that in porn for decades.

  7. I’m a freak but this “shit stuff” is down right nasty. Shitting in someone’s mouth, eating it…Yuk!
    Flash taking a shit is not a turn on for me smh. Okay, I understand some people are into it…Why I will never know.
    All of this makes it very difficult to date…You find someone attractive and then find out they have a “shit fetish”…I guess I will be single for the rest of 2020 lol.

  8. Oh Dallas! 😷 ion Like Dat! Seriously, at some point you just gotta be Better then that! I don’t know the man or put him on any pedestal but I didn’t think he’d go THAT far! And the fact that he’s so nice & respectful in the exchange to make sure people who didnt wanna see it don’t have to, says to me he DOES have integrity, I just hope he doesn’t let money ruin his image

  9. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I said it before and I’ll say it again… ONLY ON HAMERICA CAN SOMEONE LIKE WADE USE HIS ASS TO MAKE MONEY and now he’s SHITTING on his “Fans” now 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣….. WOW… different storkes for different folks

  10. This whole “mess” is cracking me up. The smell of desperation is all over this. Along with the smell of shit 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. THIS.. LOL he knows his time is cracking. The ass videos are all over the internet and people are bored. This is his new shtick now I guess

  11. I had one dude offer to pay me $200 to shit in his mouth.. He also wanted me to take laxatives so it could be runny and wet. No joke. This shit is a fetish for some.

    Needless to say I didn’t meet up with him lol.

  12. To be real, I am very into shit play and have been really mad I can’t find this video anywhere. If anybody has it or knows where to get it, lmk LOL

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