cam newton had me at “hello!”

nfl baller wolf,
cam newton,
is such an interesting character.
you can’t say that he doesn’t have his own style.
he was recently on “the bigger picture” with obj,
victor cruz,
and todd gurley,
but someone on twitter pointed this out

it’s how odell is looking at him that takes me out.
of all the baller wolves we have talked about,
cam looks like he cuts tf up.
you know the types.
when they tell a story,
they get so passionate and dramatic that they make it entertaining af.
he still has those juicy ass biceps too:

i’ll allow it.
you can watch the whole interview here:

lowkey: can we font about todd gurley or…


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13 thoughts on “cam newton had me at “hello!””

  1. Lawd have mercy y’all Victor Cruz been my baby for so long, he announced his retirement 2 years ago on my birthday August 21 and I was happy sad. He is doing great things. Allow me to be ratchet for a second but that baby leg he got in his pants. Whew 🤤🤤

    Props to Cam for keeping the lid on all those kids but damn 7 though! He clearly don’t believe in condoms and his pull out game weak asf!!!

  2. Cam is a great football quarterback that has had issues with his body. I wish he would change that hairstyle, but it’s what he wants. These athletes forget that women are going to do whatever they can to get a piece of the prize. I like Todd Gurley as a player. Victor Cruz is the man!!! Odell Beckham jr., I read has changed his hair back to blonde. Freaky things are likely to happen.💥💥🏈🏈🙂

  3. Lmao☠ That was TOO funny. Especially because I know exactly which auntie of mine they talking bout.

  4. Need Cam to cut that mop masquerading as his hair. Enough Cam talk. Let’s talk about how fine Victor Cruz is, that the one takeaway for me. Excuse me while I change my underwear. Whew!!!!!

  5. …forget them all. I’m here for victor sexy wholesome ass. He is too fine and with a good head on his shoulders. I want dat!

  6. That Victor Cruz can get it asap shiiiiiit.
    I forgot all about Cam Newton.
    He like Future got 7 kids…l’ll pass 🙅🏽

  7. DWRCL….. Look Cam is comfortable with who he is and his sexuality- he don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks …. he’s confident, he’s secure and if he feels like hitting some ass- so be it and who gives a fuck.

    Ahh look that confidence in a Man. He walks by the beat of his own drum. Fuck every who’s not on his team….LOVE ME SOME CAM

    As for Ms Gurley she… the red purse honey-

    As for Ms OBJ- OVERRATED

  8. I bet all of them freaky as hell! With all the money they have they can have anything they want anytime! What could one do to them sexually that would take them to the next level?? I don’t think anything would excite them.

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