the rona is over so take your mask off, go outside, and wave the american flag

we should be really scared of our government.
i’m being serious.
the trump administration is so lax about the rona is absolutely baffling.
they are urging schools and other things to open up,
yet folks are still catching this virus in rapid numbers.
folks are dying and our president is literally walking through a garden of roses.
he is literally trying not to breathe in that shit is stinkin’.
it’s really ridiculous and downright terrifying.
so trump’s administration is stopping all reporting from the cdc about the rona via “ny times“…

The Trump administration has ordered hospitals to bypass the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and send all Covid-19 patient information to a central database in Washington beginning on Wednesday. The move has alarmed health experts who fear the data will be politicized or withheld from the public.

The new instructions were posted recently in a little-noticed document on the Department of Health and Human Services website. From now on, the department — not the C.D.C. — will collect daily reports about the patients that each hospital is treating, the number of available beds and ventilators, and other information vital to tracking the pandemic.

Officials say the change will streamline data gathering and assist the White House coronavirus task force in allocating scarce supplies like personal protective gear and remdesivir, the first drug shown to be effective against the virus. But the Health and Human Services database that will receive new information is not open to the public, which could affect the work of scores of researchers, modelers and health officials who rely on C.D.C. data to make projections and crucial decisions.

the scary thing about this is they can tell us ANYTHING.
they can make it seem like the rona is over.
it will give them the freedom to tell us walk into the gunfire without a bullet proof vest on.

The numbers aren’t that bad!
You guys go back out there without a mask on and eat a hot dog.”

they might allegedly change all the data and the american public is clueless.
you see some americans ain’t that smart and will believe anything.
this is how they want (and will) to regain control.
i don’t trust the trump administration and neither should you.
i’m sure his hardcore stans will like this tho.
you know they are restless to play golf,
get their freedom back,
and continue making america great again.

lowkey: if we can live through the trump administration,
we can make it through anything.

article cc: ny times

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “the rona is over so take your mask off, go outside, and wave the american flag”

  1. This mofo right here is dangerous. The lengths he will go to/through in order to maintain an aura of “can do no wrong” is astonishing. The even scarier fact, no one will speak out against him…no matter how wrong he is. GOP = PARTY over EVERYTHING ELSE

  2. It’s really just now hitting home that if he loses this election, we will only have six more months of this administration 🤔

  3. He’s pulling this ish on the one hand yet basically has his secret police (from DHS/Border Patrol) circulating, photographing and arresting people out in Portland, I guess for a test run. MF is so dangerous it’s not even funny, and instead of doing what he should be doing to stop this pandemic spreading out of control he is going to try to use it to stay in power, since he sees he’s losing and millions of young people have just had it with the white supremacist BS!

    Beware, people, please, beware!

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