drake is giving “thicka than a snicka” down in barbados

as much as i post cut up bawdies,
with banging biceps and crotch adjusting abs,
i can always rock with a wolf with a thick bawdy.
i believe we in the foxhole love our fantasies,
but we love our realities as of well.

Most males ain’t built Ford tough

drake is cute to me.
i don’t care what anyone says,
but that beard really helped enhanced his looks.
he is currently at my home island of bim (barbados) where he had a beach day…

*pictures credited to owners

aww look at drakey poo.
his tattoo placements are rather interesting,
but his bawdy and that booty are pretty nice.
i’m sure snuggling up to 150 million net worth feels really good too.

ain’t no one gonna complain about that.

lowkey: why was he in-front of rih’s childhood home is interesting…

go take your ass to harrison’s cave or go on the submarine.
take a ride on the jolly roger.
go do something with yourself.
i hear they losing their minds out there for him tho:

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “drake is giving “thicka than a snicka” down in barbados”

  1. I have always found him “Good -Looking”. Its refreshing that he isn’t a “Slave to the Gym” ( Smile)

  2. I feel you Foxxy. There’s eye candy… and then there’s a stick to ya ribs meal. Drake is the latter.

    Marcus Patrick has gotten thick too. I ain’t mad.

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