the booty guru wants you to look back at it (and wants to help you get it)

i asked myself how i would act if i had a set of cheeks like this.

I’d be scared

first of all,
how am i even gonna find jeans that fit?
walking down the block would be a chore.
i hate attention as is and that would be too much.
everyone would probably assume that i was a vixen.
i wouldn’t be with it…
until the day someone like this pulls over to get my number:

they just trying to smash (and i’d let them tbh).
as much fun as the fantasy is,
it could actually keep your ass in the crib.
some jackals go crazy over a fat ass.
they lose all common sense and come out of character.
it will have you wearing a dashiki to stop all the attention.
well everyone meet yadi aka the booty guru.
would you want a tail like this?…


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Todo es mejor contigo

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the 🍑GURU. I’m so blessed in how far I’ve come, I’m so proud of all my small accomplishments. Building my website, creating my guru program! I have a great JOB!! Little do you guys know I HELP people every single day at my job! I’ve COMPLETELY transformed my body over the past year can’t wait to see where my body will be next year. I have So many people that inspire me to be better every day shout out to my GYM members/ friends I love you guys!!! BEYOND grateful to be able to take care of myself, it’s really hard being a adult! Paying all your bills alone with no help is a blessing but its hard as hell & I’m SOO Glad i got it 27. Thank you to everyone that supported my program and all my craziness. I have a WHOLE other type of RESPECT for anyone that owns there own business this shit is hard as HELL !!! All my self made bosses STAND UP!!! Cheers to spreading ❤️ and building better booties 🍑

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One year of focus and discipline

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Independent & focused

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uh nah foxhole,
that is a male with those supreme cheeks.


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he actually specializes on helping you get big bunz the natural way.
i can just imagine all the males in his dms.
i guess that’s the best perk of it.
you can pull some real big wolves off pictures alone.


check out website: yadibody

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “the booty guru wants you to look back at it (and wants to help you get it)”

  1. Nice juicy ass. I’m sure it took a lot of squats and sum good back shots to get it so plump lol. The oil I really doubt we help give you that ass. If that was the case a whole lotta people would have a great future behind them. 🧐

    1. Seriously, TJ Biggz gives it to everyone who ALREADY has an ass and have them promote it as if his snake-oil works.

      LISTEN CHILDREN! These people did not take those supplements to get their cakes! That Abel Pirela guy even admitted he got work done but still shills his stuff. This dude looks equally touched.

      Don’t be throwing stuff in-on your body expecting it to give you cake when all these people have a whole range of booty that falls back on genetics/surgery.

      Even TJ biggz, his butt was through his weight/size. Stay safe, people please!!

  2. I think some of these photos are doctored to make his butt look even rounder particularly the first two . Like you already have a nice ass, why go through the trouble??

  3. I’m more into a tight round muscular bottom. Butts like his are really just having fat in the right places…and maybe some fat injections.

  4. Ewwwww.. I love some Azz… but not attached to the rest of that body. Besides I have ‘Big Azz “and its not all its “CRACKED” up to be. My significant other calls me “Disco Ball Booty”( hurts my feelings)

    Big Azz draw–“BACKS”

    1) Back problems
    2 ) I cant sleep on my back at night
    3) Pants never fit
    4) Constantly running through Wet Wipes and Toilet Tissue. [ Must be clean]

    The grass just seems greener folks.

  5. The looking back might be the actual problem for me lol. Face a bit too hit vibe too womanly. Diff strokes tho he prolly might be getting blown up no hate.

  6. Do what you want with your body, that’s fine but the deception is gross. Clearly is this guy is no stranger to a plastic surgeon’s office. That’s cool, but to pretend you got your body from some pills is highly deceptive and unethical.

  7. I celebrate Black features but this is one of the rare occasions where i’ll say God might make mistakes. baby that face is HELL. If my memory serve me right, he used to escort/dance in NYC… that booty must be a rental cuz he aint have that back then.

    the girls exposed him on the twitter already, sis suffers from identity crisis and shitty attitude-

    1. God please forgive me, but your first sentence @GreenEyeZ143 took me completely out, my head is now hurting from laughing so hard. You win today LMAO………

  8. I know he escorts and a got a profile on Rent men. Wondering if anyone has had any experience with him. Have heard he is a bit of a scam artist but was wondering about the proof.

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