drake is giving “thicka than a snicka” down in barbados

as much as i post cut up bawdies,
with banging biceps and crotch adjusting abs,
i can always rock with a wolf with a thick bawdy.
i believe we in the foxhole love our fantasies,
but we love our realities as of well.

Most males ain’t built Ford tough

drake is cute to me.
i don’t care what anyone says,
but that beard really helped enhanced his looks.
he is currently at my home island of bim (barbados) where he had a beach day…
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The Wolves of “Insecure” Do Gym + Summer Thirst for “GQ”

so everyone knows i love “insecure”.
i love the wolves of “insecure” as well.
when you add in my strong affection of “gq” magazine,
you get a shot of testosterone that may knock you clean out.
well all of that came together for a shoot titled:

When the Thirst Is Real: The Dudes of Insecure Go to the Gym

y’lan noel,
wade allain-marcus,
jay ellis,
sarunas jackson,
and neil brown jr laid some thirst traps down for us.

this is the finished product…

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When A Vixen Loves Her Baller Wolf Husband

i personally wouldn’t be putting up pictures of my wolf,
but i can understand if you do.
ayesha curry loves her husband.
steph curry loves her as well.
they were down on the beach in hawaii,
you know after his big championship win,
and she posted this
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Tinashe Will Not Lose (Your Attention)

36AC094000000578-3713018-A_little_sugar_never_hurt_anyone_The_beauty_sucked_on_a_red_loll-a-45_1469724484631tinashe is going to make “this” happen.
she won’t give up.
she will not be this generation’s “mya”.
no sir.
well tinashe was spotted on the beach in malibu,
filming a new music video.
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A Old Bird Gets Stuffed

aedc25c40e7011e2968922000a1cdbb3_7now before you gasp at the title of this entry…
i like evelyn lozada and her bird-ish ways.
she makes for good tv and i was wondering what she was gonna do next?
bbw is dead and stinkin’,
she doesn’t really possess any talent,
and i can’t see her doing challenges on survivor or that donald trump show.
so when the going gets tough,
the tough go and get a baby bump
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