The Wolves of “Insecure” Do Gym + Summer Thirst for “GQ”

so everyone knows i love “insecure”.
i love the wolves of “insecure” as well.
when you add in my strong affection of “gq” magazine,
you get a shot of testosterone that may knock you clean out.
well all of that came together for a shoot titled:

When the Thirst Is Real: The Dudes of Insecure Go to the Gym

y’lan noel,
wade allain-marcus,
jay ellis,
sarunas jackson,
and neil brown jr laid some thirst traps down for us.

this is the finished product…

ima use this gif again…

it’s appropriate af.
i love themed shoots.
a teeny bit obsessed with them actually.
it really adds personality to a subject(s) in the pictures.
i love everything about this gq spread.
it’s also highlighting the current trend for summer too.
i’m getting a real 80s-90s situation from all the pictures.
it actually gave me hella inspiration for my “looks” this summer.
i’ll allow it.
check out the article at:


“insecure” returns back to us on hbo in 2 months.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “The Wolves of “Insecure” Do Gym + Summer Thirst for “GQ””

  1. y’lan noel is clearly the star of these photos. I’m scratching my head at some of the pics of Jay Ellis. He’s just as black as y’lan noel.

    Very laid back photo shoot. I’ll allow it!

  2. Daniel is the finest. I dont think that the lightskin dude that Molly was fucking is actually cute. He had a baby in real life with the bank teller chick that Jay was fucking.

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