slim thug refuses to look gay in his clothes so he’d rather look cheap

some people’s worth is tied to the flex.
some people can only wear designer shit to feel good.
others can look like a million dollars in h&m.
ex(?) rapping wolf,
slim thug,
wants us to know he’s cheap and refuses to look gay in his clothes

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cam newton felt like being cute in the supermarket

in a perfect forest,
everyone would have their own sense of style.
in my forest.

wearing the exact outfit off a mannequin is not fly
throwing labels down our throats is try hard city

the likelihood of someone wearing your exact same fit is super high.
God forbid you’re at the same event.
if you can throw together an outfit and it just works,
and it’s on some inexpensive shit,
i think you’re pretty on point.

sidebar: i love when folks can put together colors that just flow.
not “matchy matchy”,
but knowing how to use the color wheel correctly.
that turns me on.

nfl baller wolf,
cam newton,
has his own personal style.
this is what he wore to a simple trip to the grocery store

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The Wolves of “Insecure” Do Gym + Summer Thirst for “GQ”

so everyone knows i love “insecure”.
i love the wolves of “insecure” as well.
when you add in my strong affection of “gq” magazine,
you get a shot of testosterone that may knock you clean out.
well all of that came together for a shoot titled:

When the Thirst Is Real: The Dudes of Insecure Go to the Gym

y’lan noel,
wade allain-marcus,
jay ellis,
sarunas jackson,
and neil brown jr laid some thirst traps down for us.

this is the finished product…

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Rarri True Needs To Part Ways With His Stylist

who is dressing rarri true?
does he have a stylist?
if so,
they should be fired.
why are they putting his shirt in his jeans like this…
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Beyonce Gets Another Trophy In Style

tumblr_o8f03dbgLA1vu68cvo4_r1_400even though there has been a lot of sadness,
2016 has been a killer year for our black queens.
beyonce was awarded the coveted cfda award last night.
(cfda: council of fashion designers of america)
she joins the ranks of iman,
and pharrell williams for impeccable style.
in my head,
“serena van der woodson” and “blair waldorf” of gossip girl as well.
this is her speech below…
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Wrap Me Up In Love (and Fox Swagg)

tumblr_mxe4zo0aiP1rig7vyo1_500i am having a problem.
i know.
whats new?
well outside looks like absolute destruction.
blizzard ’16 really did a number in the new yawk forests.
these are the times i’m glad i have no car.
i’d be paying $100 to a lucky hood wolf so he can dig me out.
my problem is:

What am i wearing tomorrow?

i refuse to dress up.
i’m not about to wear my best in the office.
it’s not that serious and i’m hoping everyone stays home.
so one of my biggest fox swagg secrets is pinterest.
i am always on there looking for outfit ideas.
if i see something,
that already resembles what i may have in my closet,
i will recreate it with my own fox swagg.

“you never buy the outfit off the mannequin and wear it.
you simply re-work the idea into your own.” – jamari fox

so i came across three numbers that caught my eye…
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