Rarri True Needs To Part Ways With His Stylist

who is dressing rarri true?
does he have a stylist?
if so,
they should be fired.
why are they putting his shirt in his jeans like this…

to show off the belt buckle.
oh ok.
well this isn’t 2007.
no one is showing off designer belt buckles anymore.
rarri is shaped like a square also.
sponge bob.
his clothing shouldn’t enhance that.
that look works for “upper bawdy and tight mid section”.
the outfit will make the wolf look proportionate.
rarri looks fat af.
whoever is dressing him insists on the “italian car dealer” look.
fix it.

lowkey: he needs posing classes for red carpets too.
gang signs?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Rarri True Needs To Part Ways With His Stylist”

  1. Textbook Simpleton Label Whore!! What’s new?

    We also need to call out those ugly ass Gucci shirts almost every rapper and athlete likes the wear.

  2. I read LHHH dropped him because he wasn’t suppose to discuss being on the show until after they announced the cast.

  3. Fuckboy fashion; I really wish neguhs would understand that THROWING ON A BUNCH OF LABELS DOESNT MAKE U STYLISH. In fact, it makes you look simple. Gucci belts? Louboutin sneakers? could he be anymore basic? So tired of these negroes drowning themselves in labels to hide the fact that they have no fashion sense.

  4. Well tbf this is a pretty normal style on the other side of the antlantic ocean, shirt or even t shirt in jeans or pants. He just doesn’t how to do it properly because he just look a naija who is trying to hard. No shade to my nigrian brothers but yall know sometimes you’re just too much, love yall still.

    But i think WE should part ways with rarri true, because i really don’t know why he’s famous except from with being caught in rob k and china mess.

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