Chris Brown New Hairstyle Is Delicious

tumblr_nm8ir3xMv31spivdho1_500chris brown has had many hair colors as you can see.
well this time he went…
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(pre)baller wolf swagg

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 10.12.08 PMso everyone knows i love baller wolves of all kind.
college and professional.
i also love good fashion.
so i know what you’re thinking:

“like jamari…
you should,
totally make a pinterest board just for baller wolf swagg.
ya know,
something where we can get ideas for outfits and see sexy baller wolves too!”

well hot damn!
how you guess?
sooooooo that’s what i did tonight.
i mean my ( x fox swagg ) board goes super hard.
now in order to be featured,
im looking for:
clothes that fit correctly.
suit and tie.
you can also ( x join in and send pictures/instagrams ) for review of (pre)baller wolves.
if you’re a (pre)baller wolf reading,
 send me pics of some of your best outfits as well.
if i like it,
you’ll be featured.
everyone got it?

x click here to follow the (pre)baller wolf swagg board

photo: big papa joe penis anderson

Beyonce Done Pulled Her Weave Out


yeah….i dunno how i feel about beyonce with this short hair.
at least she could have went jet black on us.
switch it up with some other color than blonde.
that actually woulda been really dope.

lowkey: is her tour over now?

pay b a visit: instagram

Trey Burke: The Rookie That Could… Dress?

tumblr_mplynwmE3i1s1y3vko2_1280i see trey burke got his invite to the 2013 espys.
he should feel proud because not everyone gets an invite.
trey looks nice in his suit tonight,
which i’ll throw up later,
but i didn’t know he had a fashion spread in gq magazine last month.
well damn am i late!…

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Learn To Pick Your Battles?

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 12.28.55 PMi have been getting emails about this whole b scott/bet drama.
it has blown up pretty crazy since that night.
i’m on the fence with this entire issue
here’s why…

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We Like Dem Baller Wolf Thugz Who Carry Gatz In Their Jock Strapz

tumblr_mp1ztoHl6C1s7xbfho4_500…not ones who are still wearing coogi.
it has been a tough week for ex baller wolf of the patriots,
now current murderer,
aaron hernandez.
he was just taken into custody for ending his friend’s life:

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 10.24.13 AMand you won’t believe why

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