Beyonce Done Pulled Her Weave Out


yeah….i dunno how i feel about beyonce with this short hair.
at least she could have went jet black on us.
switch it up with some other color than blonde.
that actually woulda been really dope.

lowkey: is her tour over now?

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Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “Beyonce Done Pulled Her Weave Out”

  1. I knew this was coming. I agree Jet black would of been nice though. She still bad though. Get ready for all the ladies to cut their hair.

  2. Nah, no one is citisizing her hair. Se made no mistake. That short blonde looks so right on her. THAT’S MY GIRL. Mrs.Carter show ain’t over till Dec.

  3. It’s cute…it works for her….ummm getting your hair caught in a fan can make you switch things up a bit! GO B!!!!! lol

  4. yes her tour is over, for now she has another date in BK in DEC. that loreal contract is over that why the sudden change next a new color

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