Devin Thomas: CUT.

OKNOsorry my patois is a little rusty lol
born again jamaican…
baller wolf,
devin thomas,
was cut from the detriot lions over the weekend.

x read about it here

remember when i… we… everyone all use to think he was fine as hell?
good lawd what happened?
he is definitely into this rasta thing heavvvvvvvy.
is he even jamaican?
he looks like he lives in a forest and cooks his food over an open fire.
i’m completely baffled with all this.

8 thoughts on “Devin Thomas: CUT.

  1. What in the world? His nickname should be “CUT” since he been dropped so many times so quickly. And let us not forget his brief stint at “retirement”. I don’t know what he is giving, his twitter page is OUT OF CONTROL. I am trying to redeem him to “husband material” but he is making so hard. LOL! Let me stop tripping…I got an itch he could definitely SCRATCH!!!!

  2. DAMN…Fox this is sad news..he is one of the finest WR in the NFL…wow…i’m gonna miss his fine ass…hope he gets a pick up from another team..he fyne as fuck!

    1. He WAS one of the best. Not showing up to practice will get you cut according to former Lion and Fox Sports1 reporter. The change bodes being off his medication.

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