Jason Derulo Tattoos His Album Cover

24cw0lcwhat in the…?????
jason derulo went really colorful with his album artwork.
i guess usher really is his motivation.

x i could be wrong

lowkey: i do like his cartoon waves tho.
looks like that indian remy.
here he is performing on america’s got talent tonight:

and his video with 2 chainz “talk dirty to me”:

…i’m mad at this faux jamaican accent tho.
soooo yeah…
breezy wolf be scared?

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 11.56.54 PM

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Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “Jason Derulo Tattoos His Album Cover”

  1. Yep he grew up loving usher that I know fo sho as a real deruler( watch interviews n read articles), but dy total different n I bet sooner he will get his grammy soon coz he is really back. Luv AGT perfomance n Talk dirty vid. Go JD,usher z a good inspiration(8* grammy winner) luv both ya!!

  2. Album cover is awesome! He is such a unique talent. Chris Brown lost his crown to this bro right here!

    1. What does his skin complexion have to do with anything? Usher is almost his complexion and sells records. It’s not like Jason Derulo isn’t selling because its clear he has an audience. You sound like a hater.

  3. he is a couple years behind with the designs in the hair. he getting the white and international money so I respect his hustle.

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