Put The Tatt Around My Bootyhole Next

is ^this too much tatts?
i feel like it is.
then again,
i have no issue with jeff logan’s bawdy art…
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Jason Derulo Tattoos His Album Cover

24cw0lcwhat in the…?????
jason derulo went really colorful with his album artwork.
i guess usher really is his motivation.

x i could be wrong

lowkey: i do like his cartoon waves tho.
looks like that indian remy.
here he is performing on america’s got talent tonight:

and his video with 2 chainz “talk dirty to me”:

…i’m mad at this faux jamaican accent tho.
soooo yeah…
breezy wolf be scared?

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 11.56.54 PM

x visit his twitter


foxes and vixens,
how many of us have heard that line before?
i wonder how many times ive used the word “pipe” on ijf?
anyway baller wolf jr smith of the knicksjr-smith-tattoo-1jm_zps3d2adb22…wants to give his “pipe” to a willing taker.
well not YOU per say,
but this 18 year old vixen caught him up something sweet yesterday

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f0xmail F-BI: Who Is The New Male Tatted Wolf Who Models For Levis?

one of the f-bi sent me an email asking about this wolf..

Levis-501-Non-Denim-Areia_0^i like the fit with the boots.
can someone wrap that up for me to go???
ok focus…
anyway, he is the new model wolf for levis…

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I Want Devale Ellis To Run Right Into My Bedroom

he is married with a kid.
i can dream, can’t i?
so i posted about him way back in the day.


a little on devale.
he was signed to the detriot lions in 2006 and became a free agent.
now, he is just free.
free and working on that fitness hustle with his company, Eliteprototypeathletics.com.

he has a work out video….
on youtube….
that made me realize how much i’d low key give him all that i got…

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Remember This Wolf Who Bones I Wanted To Jump?

I know you are thinking:

“Um…. which guy?

Well shut up…
and he is this one here:

He just my type (besides the Cancer sticks).
Well, as usual, your favorite Fox with the F-BI type skills found him.
His name isĀ Chadoy Leon….

…and he finer than I imagined.

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