f0xmail F-BI: Who Is The New Male Tatted Wolf Who Models For Levis?

one of the f-bi sent me an email asking about this wolf..

Levis-501-Non-Denim-Areia_0^i like the fit with the boots.
can someone wrap that up for me to go???
ok focus…
anyway, he is the new model wolf for levis…

he has a window display in the levi’s store in time’s square.
here are some more shots…

he is cute.
not really what i would expect in a model,but i see the appeal.

who is he?
can we get some more pictures of this model mystery?
i went huntin and came up empty.

lowkey: at the levis site,
it seems like there are just regular people modelling for the spring collection.
maybe he is just a regular wolf?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “f0xmail F-BI: Who Is The New Male Tatted Wolf Who Models For Levis?”

  1. I mean he’s cute in a regular way, but nothing to go on a wolf hunt for.

    I’m more interested in the boots myself. Those are Levi’s too?

    1. Do you know anything else, like a site we could see with him on with my pictures because when I goggled him I came up empty

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