You Are Cordially Invited As “The Accessory” At The “Bring Your Best Gay” Party.

gay men will always be used as a vixen’s life support.

she befriends him and realizes he is everything she would want in a “friend”.
he is almost like secret deodorant.
“strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.”
because of this,
she depends on him for everything.
she knows that she can’t trust another hoe with her business.
why not trust my hairdresser/stylist/man problem solver?

i was on tumblr yesterday.
reblogging and looking at the people i follow,
when i saw a headline that made me do the screw face”..

that was the title.
the person who tumbl’d it was pissed.

immediately i was curious,
but i kinda had a feeling deep down inside what it meant.
judging from the reaction that was met with the replies,
i could say my gut feeling was right.
i was actually shocked to see people be pissed about it.

a party designed for vixens to bring their “stylin’ on these queens” gay friend.
sort of like to show him off among everyone else.
she would say:

“my gay best friend is better than yours! nah nahhhhhh!”

he would reply:

“yessss diva bitch!”

…or some other word infront of “bitch” to describe how fabulous she is.
i’m sure it would be his job to fix her hair and dress for the party also.
that event seems like one big catty mess,
honestly speaking.
i can see the side eyes and neck rolls now.
this coming from the vixens.
put that together with their gay friends….
it may cause an electric current within the atmosphere.
it almost reminded me of “the help“.
instead of white women parading around their maids,
making them clean up their shit and tend to the chirren,
it was vixen’s using gays are a fashion accessory or a toy.

bad enough these gays get seduced by all this female friendliness.
usually by a female who can buy cute shit and lives “that life”.
he starts using his “powers” for evil.
he suddenly can’t hold water because she just has to look at him and he spills.
she points him in the direction of a wolf/hybrid/or fox like a gay metal detector.
(you ever notice ever vixen has good “gaydar”????
yet her man is usually gay as hell.)

she needs fashion or hair advice and suddenly,
he is dr. phil miracles.
what does he get in return?
the chance to say:

“mmhmm yeah i styled her! she looks so crutes biiiitttcchhh!”

i know a ton of vixens,
but i keep them at bay.
what other good looking guy will actually listen to their whiny asses?
i treat them,
and everyone else,
like a human.
you got a problem,
then my shoulder is at your service.
i don’t need to “heyyyyy gurllll” and all that bullshit to be liked.

vixens have a habit of learning the hard way about these same “best gays”.
as soon as she turns her back,
he is coming on here asking me if he should fuck her wolf.
remember all that business he was tellin’ about others?
suddenly her business is the hot topic of discussion.
see the issue with them is they all attract the same type of “gay”.
the scandalous one aka the jackal or the hyena.
or is she one too?
like attracts like.
she is also quick to do the same triflin’ shit.
i bet you once that same jackal realizes her boyfriend wants to fuck HIM,
or the dude she is crushin’ on happens to like HIM,
it’s a whole other ball game.

i have seen many vixens call these same friends a “faggot” when things go sour.
all his business,
who he fucked,
all his DL connects out in the streets…
too much work.

look if that’s how you roll,
being the accessory,
then do you.
as for me,
don’t put me in that category.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “You Are Cordially Invited As “The Accessory” At The “Bring Your Best Gay” Party.”

  1. I honestly think it’s a mutually, parasitic relationship.

    I can’t respect any man that allows himself to be treated like a lap dog.

    These queens emulate these vixens and want to be like them from what they wear and the attention they get from heterosexual men. These women befriend gay men because they don’t want to deal with the possible competition that comes with befriending other women that may be as or more attractive than they are.

    They get all the benefits of the friendship with no strings attached.

    You ever notice these dudes rarely have a life of their own outside of these females?

    1. ^!!!!!!!!

      they never do.
      these women control them.
      they get wrapped up in that gossip and being an on call hair dresser.
      it’s sad.
      you hit the nail on the head about them wanting heterosexual men.
      vixens always will want the info on who is gay or down low.
      It reminds me of a witch hunt.

  2. Do these vixens really take dudes who look and dress like this seriously. Man I do not want to be around dudes like this at all in public or private, personally I hate that this is the representation that most people believe about black gay men thanks to reality TV. These queens are characters and no one really even looks at them like that they have lives, feelings or anything. Pure caricatures. These two dudes who you spotlighted in this post are both unattractive (IMO) and seem to have to do all this extra for attention. They are messy, the females they roll with are messy and its all one big joke. These queens will learn the hard way when the vixen finally gets her a husband and have kids, you can best believe that she does not want you around her husband or any of her sons, she wont invite you to her church or gatherings with close family and friends. These vixens like these queens because they buy them drinks when they go out, and pick up the tab and they only hang with them when they wanna laugh at other flamboyant queens and soak up all the compliments from queens who want to emulate and be them. I for one will never discuss my gay life with a female, I dont even like discussing it with lesbians. To all you flamboyant queens just know that these vixens talk about you and your nasty sexual habits like dogs when you are not around, and have zero respect for you as a person and what you are going through, I have heard too many times vixen who make fun or make disparaging remarks about their flamboyant friends when they are not around.

  3. I have vixen friends but we don’t hang out like that and I will NEVER tell them my personal business.

    I don’t even have many gay/lesbian friends so I definitely don’t need all that EXTRA drama.

    I agree with you , I treat everyone as humans. I will tell a chick quick, if you are looking for that ‘special gay’ friendship, I ain’t the one. i am still a dude and I will be respected as one.

    No shade to Derek J but WTF….He always have on a WTFWYT outfit. HE needs a good stylist….

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