Grab Your Meat (How Does It Feel?)


i have been thinking about something for a while.
it was ( x a past entry ) and the comments that did it.
i saw all the foxhole come together to speak against this.
so for 2016
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mental homework: (20)

cartoon-thought-bubble-mdthese were gems i felt were dropped in that last entry,
“( x lets out that wolf )”.
if these comments don’t make you “stop sign” fuckin with these jackals…
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How To Lose Fans and Get Hunted on Twitter (The Mighty Moose)

themightymoosehuntingbesides kenya moore getting her ass roasted tonight on stage,
the moose was getting that ass roasted on twitter…
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Going Down

tumblr_mzhsk3qkEq1rj1ango6_500so i was ear hustlin’ on the elevator on the way to post office today.
these two hoodrat females were on there talkin crazy loud.
well they were in the middle of a conversation about #rhoa and “the brawl”.
they were specifically talkin about brandon and kenya.
this is what they said…
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f0xmail: Im Being Bullied By Rabid Queens! Help!


Hey Jamari Happy Christmas Eve. So I got a problem for some strange reason a lot of fem gay guys are attacking me and it’s so weird because I never said anything to them. They recently started attacking about something that wasn’t their business, but they took it upon themselves to make it their business. Now I am starting to understand why fems are look down in the gay community. How can I get these F bombs claws out of my back?


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Who’s Yo Daddy? Huh? Who Is It?……. Uh You Maybe? I Dunno.

KERRYRdaddyi wouldn’t mind calling kerry rhodes “daddy”.
has a nice ring to it.
in a twist that i didn’t see coming,
allegedly he might be kim k’s baby daddy.
stop laughing!
you have to read the rest!
bossip has it and well…

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