f0xmail: Im Being Bullied By Rabid Queens! Help!


Hey Jamari Happy Christmas Eve. So I got a problem for some strange reason a lot of fem gay guys are attacking me and it’s so weird because I never said anything to them. They recently started attacking about something that wasn’t their business, but they took it upon themselves to make it their business. Now I am starting to understand why fems are look down in the gay community. How can I get these F bombs claws out of my back?


the gay lifestyle always reminded me of high school.
you got your popular kids,
the guys you want to sleep with,
your outcasts,
and of course “the mean girls”.
masculine or feminine,
the queens aka the jackals and hyenas assume that position.
as much as you try to avoid them,
they tend to be like roaches.
you can live a clean and drama life.
all it it takes is one messy person to infest your entire situation.

tumblr_m94skgxuWX1qedb29o1_500now with your question and finding the right advice,
i asked myself the following questions:
why do these random queens know your business?
how did they find out?
are you “in the scene” and sloppy?
who in your circle is telling your business?
no one can attack you on anything if they don’t know anything.
queens can act like females,
getting jealous or envious over dumb shit,
but like women they just do a lot of barkin’.
the bark is usually worse than the bite.
since the damage is done,
my best advice is learn the ignore button.
once they see they can’t effect you,
they’ll eventually back off.
a scandal is only as good until the next one.
that is unless you were dating this guy:

remember they’re like roaches.
queens usually feed on messy gossip and your insecurities.

when you take those things away from them,
like keeping your hands clean and not indulging in the trash,
they’ll quickly move on to someone else’s situation.
well unless they try to act froggy and put their hands on you…
bodyslam_by_setonami-d66lt9w“leap nigga.”
s’all i’m saying.
personally i’d let them and then sue their ass.
let them be the example for the other jackals and hyenas.
they often forget THEY usually have a mausoleum of messy secrets.
they might be attacking you about your business now,
but someone is patiently waiting to expose theirs.
hope this helps!
have a happy holiday and drama free new year ahead!

anyone have thoughts for this reader?

6 thoughts on “f0xmail: Im Being Bullied By Rabid Queens! Help!

  1. WHOOP DAT ASS!!!!!!…..the one thing I don’t tolerate is disrespect from NO ONE ..if they wanna be messy give a sloppy messy ass ass whoopin …they’ll learn then

  2. I sign off on everything said so far. Some people just thrive off of creating drama in other peoples lives. Like The Man said, you gotta keep all your business on lock if you want any type of privacy. In other words, trust no one!

  3. How did fems find out about your business man? You all have to quit telling your friends shit, that is the problem. In this lifestyle you have to do everything Beyonce style. Every damn thing has to be a secret and no one can know. I rarely tell my friends anything. Gay men are messy.

    The reader has to fill us in more for us to give appropriate advice. We need to know how they found out about your business?

  4. I say, cut off all contact and communication with them.If you see them when you’re out in public, turn the other way.If they say Hi, pretend you didn’t hear them.Just pretend the fems in question no longer exist.

  5. First time leaving commentary and a undercover fan! I love the roach reference because it is spot on. How do fems find out someone’s business who isn’t messy themselves? The person who wrote the letter needs to ask himself why he was so sloppy? Why was he hanging with fems in the first place? No one just attacks another person for no reason unless he crazy. This all seems vague and my guess is there is more to this story.

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