Guess Who Paul George Gave Some Meat To Today?

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 6.26.59 PMwell you know he allegedly likes them lily white.
this snowy thot got her a serving of some paul george christmas eve meat today.
how we know?
well she posted it on her instagram and then quickly deleted it.
silly thot.
mediatakeout got it thooooooo…

ibjI35KXqEAMActhe ritz carlton in battery?
nice spot.
close to the stadium too.
hmm he must have liked her.
judging from her relaxed body language,
the pipe may have been right too.
too bad that may have been her last serving.
well for her sake,
let’s hope the coo coo was right as well.

UPDATE: she was getting on my last nerves.

her: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Guess Who Paul George Gave Some Meat To Today?”

  1. *starts crying* I…love this man…..and I have been by his side since his rookie year when he was nobody….and… find out that……that he is cheating on me hurts me to the core. We even……we even picked out tuxedos together for our wedding….I cannot do this anymore….I’m done. *in my Kandi crying voice*

    For real tho, women did not lust after him until he became a superstar. I been following him since he was a rookie and no hoes were after him back then. This is what he gets for messing with hoes tho. I would never do this to him. My friends wouldn’t know, my neighbors wouldn’t know, my dog wouldn’t know, no one would know. We would keep it Beyonce and Jay Z style lol.

    These hoes do not care about these guys. When will they realize that? They won’t get it until the hoes get pregnant and their money disappears.

    1. LMFAO @ “my dog wouldn’t know.” But really, Man I’m with you on this one. You get with a dude like that you keep it on the low. Milk it for all it’s worth….literally. You never know what it could turn into. Could become a genuine relationship. But instead these ho’s can’t wait to post the shit on the web and then what have they proved besides that they’re a messy skank. Anyway, Man I’m sorry for your break up. Stay strong brotha lol

  2. Is that really him? That bed does not look like they just… They must have neat sex. Hopefully, if this is true, that the pic was taken pre-…

    1. LOL@neat sex. If I was with him, that room would have been tore up. The hotel managers would have been looking for us.

      I’m looking at that big ass head and that ear man lol. That is definitely his head shape. That’s Paul.

  3. MTO has deleted the article, id appreciate it if you would too so that I don’t have to recontact my lawyers. Thank you.

  4. My laywers got that removed from media takeout. Please remove it before I have my lawyer contact you as well. Mediatakeout deleted the story.

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