foxmail: the dude i’m dating is so nice that it gives me feminine energy. help!



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foxmail: “We clicked, he smashed my brains out, and ghosted after. Help!”


Hey, first let me say i admire you & your blog & tho i rarely comment i have been visiting these blog daily for about the last 5 years faithfully. Continue to shine, florish, inspire & walk into you purpose Jamari YOU are a lot of US.

So heres the thing i am a very discreet guy from a very small city with the chances of meeting someone of substance & on my caliber are slim to none. I have a good job, im establishing myself and elevating in life and in that aspect in life im content. However im in my early 30’s & im beginning to become a little lonely even though i don’t have a problem with being alone but i would be lying if i said that i didn’t want that happily ever after.

Last summer i felt as tho i may have had a little too much “fun” & it wasn’t getting me anywhere so i called myself taking a vow of celibacy until the new year. The stipulations were that i wasn’t gonna give up the goods until i found a nigga that was “worthy” of all that i have to give and i succeeded. Fast forward to last week i met this fine ass sexy young guy online & he persuaded me to come to his dorm after a few days of chatting. i obliged & he ended up giving me undoubtedly the best sex of my life thus far. i mean it was fucking mind-blowing straight out of the shit you would see on only fans & twitter (i fall into a trance evey time i have a flashback).

Like most of us i believed because the sex was good & we seemingly had a connection & he was really into it & me that it would lead to being a regular thing, he even asked me to come back over the next day, however that was last thursday it is now monday & i haven’t heard from him again. at 1st i felt on top of the world & i was very energetic being as tho he was very articulate, mild mannered, nice & fine af! all of the things that i had been missing from previous partners, the energy that was transferred was great until i realized i have been ghosted after sending a msg via text to no response. So then i check his profile & he has been active & clearly on to his next conquest (shocker right). After that revelation my high is now over & i feel as dumb and gullible as can be, like i waited all that time just to fall victim to another fuckboy. With me being an average built guy (i have a little bit of a gut but I’ve got a nice butt & i can dress but i still have a regular amount of self esteem & i would say im about a 7 in the face)

What do you suppose it could have been for him to pull this move on me?
i mean i am completely lost…
What should i do next?


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f0xmail: “the confused” has me confused….

i got a dm from a foxholer requesting advice on ig.
after reading it,
i felt really compelled to answer.
this is a quick background of what was sent to me:

a foxholer is working with a male who he thinks gets down.
he has been doing the “staring,
and making suspect comments disguised as jokes” shit.
the dude decides to back tf up and goes cold.
no warning.
the foxholer is now confused af and wondering what went wrong.

you know how that goes…

since i’ve dealt with that bullshit,
i had a few thoughts.

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he promised some meat, but it never came with the order

as you know,
straight males know gays are hungry for the meat and will pay top dollar for it.
now some “straights” are gay for pay out here.
they know how to mentally detach and do whatever to get their bills paid.
they will let you feast on them,
but only if the price is right.
many others are making a living by sending private videos for a fee.
the thing is:

Some come thru and others don’t

a foxholer has been having an alleged continuous issue with a straight attentionisto.
he sent me an email about it a few weeks ago that i answered:

Hey Jamari,
I feeling very spiteful. I’m so mad I just need to vent to you. I brought the bullshit on myself BIG TIME. Long story short, I was buying vids from this straight guy that I followed on IG. Last night I sent him $250 of my own money to watch him fuck a female on FaceTime. I know my actions please JF don’t judge me. The plan was a Flop. I wish I didn’t delete the messages but the last text I got from him was at 1:15pm yesterday. He blocked me on IG, all my messages went from blue to green and calls straight to voicemail. HE PLAYED ME AGAIN JAMARI FOX. He did the same thing back this previous February that’s why we fell out. He took my money and sent me screenshots about his card being detected for “suspicious activity” ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT. I honestly I’m trying not to lose my shit JF. I’m so sad and mad that he did this to me the SECOND TIME. Now I’m enraged FULLY….. I want payback on this nigga. HE IS A SCAMMER AND A CON ARTIST…. FUCK HIM AND HIS ENTIRE EXISTENCE.

after the advice i gave,
it would be over.
this is what i was sent today

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foxmail: my “straight” crush turned out to be gay, but he has a boyfriend other than me! help!


Hey Jamari,

Long time fan and reader here. This past weekend I’ve ran into an issue and I wanted to get your advice on it. So for pretty much my whole high school career I’ve had the BIGGEST crush on one of my friends. Just hanging out with him after school would make my day ten times better but I was always hurt because I knew I was wasting my time because he wasn’t gay so I just took it on the chin and tried to move on. This past weekend, some odd years after high school, this nigga decides to come out to me and introduce me to his boyfriend. To see I was flabbergasted would be an understatement. Now, all the emotions I had suppressed for years came back and I’ve been in my feelings these past couple days. I’m genuinely happy that he’s happy now but ain’t the same time, I’m sad that it’s not with me (I know this sounds selfish but that’s honestly how I feel). I need your advice as to how to move on with the friendship.

Should I just play everything off and deal with it?

Should i tell him and let that play out?

Or should I just stop talking to him?

You’re the only one I feel like I can talk to about this.Thank you for your time and I’d appreciate any feedback!


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