f0xmail: the white gays wanted nothing to do with me in the gym sauna. racism?


Hi Jamari,

I’ve been reading your blog for a few years now and wanted to vent (and ask for your opinion) since I don’t really have any gay friends and I consider you a friend in my head (as Wendy Williams would say.)

I go to the gym in downtown New York during the week and usually go in the sauna after my workouts. As you may or may not know, it usually gets sexual once the straights walk out. I usually go to the gym by my job but the last two days I have tried one in a different neighborhood. Yesterday I had a good experience, but today when I went it was my first time having a negative experience.

This new location had both a steam room and a sauna. I walked into the steam room and there were about 7-8 fit white men. Usually, I am used to seeing a diverse crowd, but I sat down like I usually would. Within less then 5 minutes all the white men walked out. So, I stayed in the steam room for about 10 minutes and decided to see what the energy was like in the sauna. There were like 4 new (white faces) and like 5 of the 7 men that were in the first room. Again within 5 minutes the majority of the men left and based on the direction they all went back into the steam room. I then saw a black guy go into the room with all of the white men and they walked out. When the black guy came into the room I was in, the white guys walked back into the empty room. There was 1 overweight white guy who came into the room me and the other black guy was in, and once any fit white guy looked into our room they wouldn’t come in.

Part of me felt it was racist, but another part felt like it was also because I don’t have a perfect body (I have an average bodyflat stomach but no six pack). Regardless of the reason, this experience felt super catty, racist, and just inhumane. I understand everyone isn’t going to be attracted to you, but it felt very “you can’t sit with us.” I have had guys I wasn’t attracted to hit on me in the saunas before, but I still treat them with decency. I’ve heard stories about how white gays can be, but this was my first real experience with them in a group. I try to not stereotype groups, but this has really made me not want to deal with them in the future.

Do you think I am overreacting to this situation? What has your experience with white gays or gays in general been like?

P.S – This has motivated me even more to get the body I aspire to, and once I get there to remain humble.


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foxmail: i think i met “the one” and he works at walmart! HALP!


What’s up man. I’m in a bit of a conundrum.

So Im an Actor from Atlanta. Probably seen me in a film or two. I met this guy back in August from another state. He works at Walmart. He is beautiful lol. He reminds me of that ig guy Damiun Moore or A better looking Quincy Brown (no shade Quincy is beautiful). I’m trying to figure out if he plays for the team. As I walked out of electronics talking he was just coming in for the day. For some reason I turned to the right and his beauty hit me all of a sudden I was speechless. He was tall built and walk like he was packing. That print in his pants told me he was. We stared at each other for more than 20 seconds until I broke the daze. Lol I then walked off. I got the courage to circle around and I went in for a closer inspection I intentionally asked for assistance in the frozen food section he was very courteous to me and attended to all my needs he stopped doing what he was doing to help me. He even walked all the way to the back to see if they had the food item I needed in. He shocked me when he started acting feminine with me by flicking his wrist tell me in a soft voice that I could stay right there until he came back. He came back told me what he needed to I thanked him and before I left his voice became higher pitched and more feminine saying “Your Welcome” I interpreted it sexually. I gave off subtle hints like posing a bit in flicking the wrist just to throw hints at him and it didn’t bother him a bit. What I needed he jumped to action to get. I now believe in love at first site lol. He seem kind of nervous tho. He couldn’t even look at me. I walked off that day and regretted not trying more.

So flash forward to October a day after my birthday I went to that Walmart again I seen him again. I was in the deli. He saw me first and was staring at me the whole time. When I looked his way he was around to other guys. He shocked me by walking fast over to me I looked up at him (he tall) got closer up on me looked at me then walked off. Like he came all the way over there trying to get my attention then went in the back. Idk if he remembered me from before because I had a mask on both times. I barely recognized him this time he was darker, hair unkempt and looked kind of dingy. I mean I still like him and it’s been a couple of months since October. I dont understand why I cant stop thinking about him. The day we met it seemed like time stop. Being around him talking to him I got feelings that I never had before like a peace came over me. And I felt changed that day. We vibed on a soul level. I truly feel like we meant to be together but we just haven’t been around one another. I takes a lot for me to like a dude but with him it was instant I never felt about another dude the way I feel about him. I feel like I’ve met another part of me. I think I’m in love. I wanna see him again and hopefully he still there it’s been awhile since we seen each other because I dont live in that state but I’m back for now. I wanna go to see if he still there hopefully. I just felt like if we both had pushed more there could have been more. I’m not out and I doubt he out. All I’m saying is if there’s a possibility for more that I want it with him. No one else has made me feel the way he made me feel. I just feel that WE ARE MEANT TO BE.

I don’t want to jump the gun be in a situation where I admit my feelings and he isn’t gay or even worse homophobic. The heart knows what it wants and Im not mad at myself for it.


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foxmail: i paid for 150 for exclusive content from onlyfans and he didn’t send me the video! help!


more context:


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foxmail: i had a threesome with my friend and his man, they want more, but i’m good! HALP!


Hey J,
Is FoxMail still a thing???
Well, hopefully, it is… But first off, let me say Happy New Year. May this year hold everything you want and grant all that you need.
Secondly, thank you for you. I’ve legit grown up with the foxhole.
Ok, the T: I had a threesome with one of my friends and his boyfriend a few weeks ago.
I’m 32 but it was also my first time ever doing anything beyond kissing. Period. They knew this and I felt I was ready. And. It. Was. Fucking. Amazing. I was ready to not be a virgin and quite honestly, the pandemic had been a doing a number on me. I hadn’t so much as danced with anyone since February and thought at least this way I could be with someone I knew and trusted. However, I am not interested in being a throuple or in a regular ménage a trios situation. It was one (well, two) and done for me and now my friend (also 32) and his BF (a young ass 45) are trying to make this a thing and will not let it go. I’m honestly not interested and just wanna be a freak with MY boyfriend whenever I get one.
I just want my friend back sans any sex.

Did I mess up royally by blurring these lines?


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foxmail: king stennis out here trying to mess up people’s jobs over maga?

some of these attentionistos need to be on their best behavior in these forests.
the foxhole is everywhere and they’re always watching.
i got an interesting and alleged foxmail about lamonte (king) stennis on tuesday.
as you know,
he is one of the h-p-ic at “exotic paintings” and pure bred trump supporter.
a foxholer saw him in the chicago airport and he had an incident with tsa.
this is the dm from said foxholer…
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foxmail: they won’t refund my money for sizzle miami. Help!


Here is a tip for you – Dwight powell of sizzle miami is refusing to issue any refunds (partial or full) to sizzle and he is refusing to cancel it.

While Sizzle 2020 has not been cancelled we suspect that there’s a very strong possibility that the event will be postponed. Therefore our cancellation policy is still in effect.

Meanwhile Blatino Oasis (another Black Promoter) post phoned his event and says he is offering full refunds but I contacted him and he said he will refund my a 25% fee. The hotel offered a full refund though.

Whats up with these black promoters trying to hold on to every last single penny in this crisis?


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