when he is begging you like crazy to put the tip in

some people feel restaurant workers should not get tipped.
they feel they should raise their pay so they don’t have to depend on tips.
in the onlyfans forest,
tips are a blessing.
if someone tips you,
that means you are coming through with the content.

Many of these folks should not be asking for tips PERIOD.

…especially with 1 to 2-minute videos of streamed wackness.
i can understand legit 10 to 20 minute videos of variety content.
a foxholer sent me an alleged story about a jackal who has been stalking for a tip.

this is what was slid into my dms

how did this connection lead to a whatsapp exchange?
there must have been some kind of comfort level to get to this point.
all this begging for a tip is OD dusty tho especially for 1 or 2-minute content.
if jamari fox tips…

That means you came (and so did I) through with some good shit.

i feel like tips should be taken away from onlyfans.
if you’re gonna charge extra for content in messages,
paying for that content should be all included in the fee.
unless i will be hiring you to come through for sex,
i’ll keep all conversations on the onlyfans platform.
these onlyfans content creators are not your friends or boyfriend.
they are providing a service and like your money.
unless they are planning to do something strange for a little bit of change,
i say keep them at a distance.
some of ya’ll get too comfortable with some of these escorts.
i’ve been seeing too many issues on both sides because someone got comfortable.
( x remember this debacle )

so i’ll ask the foxhole:

Should Onlyfans creators ask for tips too?


5 thoughts on “when he is begging you like crazy to put the tip in

  1. SB: Harpo, who that man with the towel on. Them cakes is nice, and he on the roof. Drop that towel and let me eat them cakes right there with his legs spread and can’t nobody see what we doing.

  2. “Hell nah” — Miss Celie

    Your tip became the extra charge I had to pay to see the 7 minute video that was shorter than me getting my nut. If you got a good video, my dick don’t bust in 7 minutes. I gotta position myself to enjoy this nut, then I gotta get my dick wet, then I gotta get that stroke rhythm going. It ain’t there yet, if you ain’t making me bite my damn lip watching this scene. Every position you do in that video is a restart to me getting that nut cause now I’m trying to feel it. You bust before me, that was a waste. Now somebody else gotta get me off. After all that, shit I might as well go on Twitter and scroll my favs and if that don’t work, open Snapchat and play with my Snap baters and friends. Oops, did I type that publicly, oh well lol.

    A tip on Onlyfans— boy bye! Stop charging per video and maybe you might get a tip, the fuck. Glad I see all my onlyfans content on that free website that bookmarks Adult content.

    Snapchat and Twitter, please believe I’m getting a guaranteed nut.

  3. Ppl have gotten the tip game fukd up! You tip ppl for providing a service, usually a service which alleviates your need to put in work/conveniences you.

    Expecting/asking for tips for the tasks of being sexy and alrdy taking my money (you have to be a subscriber to tip someone on there, correct??) is ridiculous, and proves just how idiotic ‘some ppl’ (I’ll let yall fill in that blank) are when it comes to tipping.

    But I will say, this is why Treyquandre thinks it’s a ‘baller’ move to rack up and then cover a big bill at a restaurant, but then leave the server a shitty ass 10% tip.

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