trump is about to text you like crazy now he got your number

the scam calls and texts are OUT OF CONTROL.
if i’m not getting a call about a car i don’t have,
i’m getting random texts about gifts for paying my cellphone bill.

“Your November bill has been paid.
Click here to receive your free gift…”

…from a 347 number.
the scam Gods decided to switch things up and i got this

tf is this?????
tf trump got my number?

and why would anyone think i’d like to join trump’s social media?
i’ll block his ass like a crazy ex.
don’t even play wit me.
ima need to find an app or call my cellphone company about these scam calls.
they are getting absolutely ridiculous.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “trump is about to text you like crazy now he got your number”

  1. You can report them and also list your private number on the do not call registry list.

    You can also download an app from the Play and Apple Store for free. Most Mobile Phone companies have a service and it will show up as Scam Likely. It saves you the trouble of blocking every spam call because that list is very long.

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