vous êtes emballé et vous êtes empilé ‘spécialement à l’arrière

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Let’s have some fox talk.
Talk with just us foxes…

let’s talk wolf tail

as a fox,
i’m supposed to like prints and peen.
i mean,
a mushroom head has always been nous allons la monter,
but something about a nice tail on a male i’m attracted to sets me on fire.
wanna know a secret?

When I watch porn,
I get off to a nice leg,
and ass combo when manz is thrusting into an inviting hole.
If the owner of said hole grabs it during mid-thrust,
i’ll probably blow faster.


baller wolves of all kinds are my favorite cheeks to look at.
“pre-baller baller wolf but not really a pre-baller baller wolf”,
has the most ignorant but beautiful tail i’ve seen in a long while.

straight males always have the nicest tails,
don’t they?
this is a video he put up…



x cake treat 1
x cake creat 2

and these are some cake samples from his pornhub:


oh hi,
you can take me on my computer desk right now.

i don’t know how jay is doing porn and still able to play ball…

That ain’t none of my business.

i just want to admire and worship his beautiful dumpy.
give us more servings for future hump days,

lowkey: there are plenty of foxes who like wolf tail as much as me.
i’m glad i’m not alone.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “vous êtes emballé et vous êtes empilé ‘spécialement à l’arrière”

  1. I do like to grip on a nice pair of cakes even though im mostly doing nothing with them. Its just hot to see

    (SN: I agree with that porn comment I get into it if the top has bawdy)

  2. I still don’t know why gay men, who have the equipment to do both are so hung up on ‘roles’, but Ima digress, lol. But that said, it certainly doesn’t have to have any influence on one’s appreciation for all of the many wonderful parts of the male body! There are many guys who heavily prefer to top whose favorite pasttime is damn near sukn the meat off the bone! Ijs

    Umm, this man’s ass is ridiculous, and I would like to put in an application for my face to be his only seat. That sht is beautiful.

    Where does he play football that hasn’t heard about his ‘side hustle’, yet?

  3. Yeah as a gay man, I enjoy all of my man and I could careless about a role or a position. I love cake and I will eat the cake Anna Mae anytime. I also have my own cake that I’d love to sit on faces and let them tear it up like an all you can eat buffet.

  4. Why do black gay men like those the most stereotypical looking niggas? It’s either your type is regulated to a specific aesthetic (a hot body, mixed, other qualities lacking) or too dusty looking and hood looking. Where are the nuances?. Upgrade your palettes for crying out loud.

  5. I couldn’t be in the locker room with him when he showers cause they gon be making jokes about how he got a booty like a woman and my dick gon low key be on brick cause straight men love walking around with no towel on knowing everybody straight in their head. I would love to be a Cameraman going in the locker rooms filming the interviews while they standing there butt ass naked on FOX and ESPN. OMG, NFL is the best when it comes to dick watching and seeing naked men because all those sportscasters get to interview the team while they are naked. Whether its on hard or not, they are standing there dripping wet from the shower with a microphone in their face while some low key looking at that ass or that dick swanging freely. He got the type of booty that make straight niggas dick get hard.

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