vous êtes emballé et vous êtes empilé ‘spécialement à l’arrière

The following is Reading-Ma
Adult content, Nudity, Sexual Situations

Let’s have some fox talk.
Talk with just us foxes…

let’s talk wolf tail

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that texas papi has taken his bakery to studio porn?

x the following entry is rated xxx.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

there are a lot of ig attentionistos getting into sex work.
what a time to be alive.
i always thought @thattexaspapi was so sexy.
as you know,
i love nice cheeks on a wolf and provides the bakery for our viewing pleasure.

i thought that was all his onlyfans was tbh.
sausage and cakes in various angles which can get really repetitive and boring.
i didn’t know he went into full-time studio porn too…

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mental homework: (30)

JAY always gives good brain.
sometimes it can be controversial knowledge,
but it allows for great debate within the foxhole.
so in the comments of:

( x kordell stewart gets some alleged pipe and tail leakage )

he wrote:

so i replied:

…but it was what he said in response that gave me my “aha” moment…
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Odell Beckham Jr Gets A Time Out

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 10.59.45 AModell beckham jr is an interesting straight baller wolf.
as you know,
or didn’t,
he got suspended for fighting with josh norman of the panthers last week.
hell the whole team had it out for him.
word throughout the forest,
odell reacted because they chose to taunt him with gay slurs.
they allegedly called everything from “ballerina” to “faggot”.
as you know in football,
or sports in general,
there is a lot of trash talk to get into the mind of your opponent.
odell should already know this.
hell when you are doing this before a game…

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He Wants More Than Your Holes (5 Ways: The Foxhole Edition)

tumblr_ndzelbuxq91qcqckto1_500^that is truth.edu.
now a wolf can become permanent,
but you always cum first.
if a wolf decides to cum into your life,
he needs to be on something other than sexual shit.
you can fuck anyone,
but you can’t just love anyone.
after yesterday’s eye opener,
the one with a “wolf” telling us ( x how we know his kind is into us ),
another wolf left this comment i felt needed to be posted.
everyone meet “the man” and his wolf-dom…
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