He Wants More Than Your Holes (5 Ways: The Foxhole Edition)

tumblr_ndzelbuxq91qcqckto1_500^that is truth.edu.
now a wolf can become permanent,
but you always cum first.
if a wolf decides to cum into your life,
he needs to be on something other than sexual shit.
you can fuck anyone,
but you can’t just love anyone.
after yesterday’s eye opener,
the one with a “wolf” telling us ( x how we know his kind is into us ),
another wolf left this comment i felt needed to be posted.
everyone meet “the man” and his wolf-dom…















giphy…shots fired?
it appears so.
jay also responses with a few gold nuggets as well:

jayresponsetoplist jaytopresponse2like i said,
you can get anyone to fuck you if you want it bad enough,
but its not easy to get a wolf to fall in love with you.
there is always 10 “?” circling 1 wolf.
7 are bonafide jackal whores.
2 are jackal whores in “fox fur”
1 is you.
he has been up in all the jackals.
he knows what “jackal whores” smell like.
well some don’t start to stink as fast as others.
giphy-1this cheat sheet should help tho.
thanks the man,
and everyone else who shared.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “He Wants More Than Your Holes (5 Ways: The Foxhole Edition)”

  1. After watching that video and looking at comments I’m convinced that a lot of men can no longer differentiate between love and sex.

    Even when I was young in the game I knew all good ass/dick wasn’t meant to be locked down for the simple that the next dude will be enjoying that stupendous ass/dick you’re enjoying now the next night.

    Those types are meant to get that late night text, they don’t get to stay over or go out on pseudo-dates. For what?! They also get demoted when you find a better jumpoff or dropped completely if you find something worthwhile.

    Accept it for what it is.

    You’re going to be all effed up trying to lock down and change these free range hoes telling yourself they’re somehow valuable because they’re good in bed lol.

    *In my Riley Freeman voice*

    “Is that what’s hot in the streets now?! The fam ain’t eating, but this random braud eating cheddar biscuits! Don’t feed her!”


    1. ^you are onto something Jay.

      but can anyone turn someone who gives stupendous pipe into someone who sees you differently?
      does holding out work?

      i was looking at his comments and out of all those boys,
      one didn’t not agree.
      everyone else just wants to ride his dick because they think he is the new TOP messiah.

      1. Contrary to what people say these days, first impressions are still important. How you present yourself and how you go about relating to other dudes determines what box that guy you like puts you into.

        I like dudes that are passionate about their careers, talk about the goals they want to achieve, talk about the places they want to visit, or fitness and sports they play. Hell, you can even be into fashion. I find it to be a mood killer when in the middle of talking about a topic similar the ones mentioned above, they randomly talk about sex.

        If all you talk about is how horny you are, the tricks you can do on the dick, and you’re showing me a collage of your nude photos yeah I might show interest…for a while. You’ve pigeon holed yourself though and after I hit it’ll be pretty hard for me to see you any differently.

        The only way you may get me to change my opinion on you is if you can somehow get me to believe you’re not fucking other dudes, Make me feel like I’m the only one hitting that and I’m the only one you want hitting that. Sometimes loyalty on one party’s part can inspire the other party to reassess and possibly consider being loyal to them. Not always possible though.

        1. ^every fox needs to read this.
          a few times.

          I think the issue is when we meet a wolf and we feel the only way we can keep his attention is talking about sex.
          it has happened with me a few times.
          I won’t even lie to you.
          I have met wolves I was feeling,
          really cute,
          but somewhere in my insecurities,
          I thought I had to compete with the jackal whores.
          the freakier I thought I needed to speak,
          the more interest he expressed.
          He was doing to for the all the wrong reasons.

          it wasn’t until I met a wolf that I started feeling that he told me I was “coming off like all the others”.
          he was interested in how different I was,
          but then he lost it once I started talking about trying to getting his pipe.
          saying I’m better than the rest.
          my response was to be better sexually.

          I Sabotaged myself.
          you can come off like a breath of fresh air and ruin it just as fast.
          even tho I like sex,
          I also try to hold myself with some of respect and demand it just the same.

          foxes take note.

    2. “After watching that video and looking at comments I’m convinced that a lot of men can no longer differentiate between love and sex.”

      This is the truth. Dudes be watching pornos and hearing 2Chains in the background and think that is the way they want to be treated lol. He hitting it from the side and they think he is ready to commit.They weak for that. It was just a good fuck, take it for what it was lol.

  2. You know what though Jamari, I don’t even blame the bottoms that resort to sex to try to keep these dude’s attention.

    They’ve been caught in the bgclive/a4a/jackd matrix their entire late teenage/adult lives. I’ve finally done away with all of those and I’m good on it. I’ve accepted the type of dude I would be attracted to wouldn’t be on there, and if by the slim chance he is, he’d be some hypersexual, parody version of himself I don’t want to meet anyway. Maybe I don’t want a man at all..who knows.

    I don’t think we can use online dating because it barely works for the straight people that have to resort to it. The straights have to find common values (i.e. similar religious views, kids or no kids, marriage, etc.) Those things hold just as much value as physical attraction to straight people so they take online dating sites more seriously. We just want the nearest body with the nicest body pics lol

  3. Ya are speaking nothing but truth up in this comment section, I’m writing this all down and taking notes cuz lord know I need it.

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