5 Ways To Know Your Wolf Is Into U

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 7.45.44 PMso wolf extraordinaire and “kaldrick king” impersonator,
has a lot of wolf-like wisdom.
he already told us ( x what every fox should know ).
now he wants to clue us in when a wolf is into us.
  this is his advice of knowing you ain’t some guttabutt thot

 okay so let me get this correct:

1 – if he brings you a warm towel after he fucked you stupid…
he might be into you.

2 – if he buys premium lube and condoms for your foxhole…
he might be into you.

3 – if he cleans up his room,
puts on mood music,
and wants to fuck your spirit wolf crazy…
he might be into you.

4 – if he still eats your foxhole after/while he fucks you…
he might be into you.

5 – if he calls you,
texts you,
and you didn’t initiate any of it…
he might be into you.

my response:

giphyno seriously.
well his list sounds interesting.
i mean…
a wolf can do all that because he was really into you sexually.
i’ve dated wolves let me sleep over his crib,
cuddled and spooned me,
and was still on the prowl after i left.
sometimes its all game.
its also how you carry yourself too.
wolves will pull out a red carpet just to get your foxhole.
he was onto one thing tho:

if a wolf takes time to reach out,
by random calls/texts to see how you are,
and convo about other shit besides sex,
then he is into you.

i think we both can agree on that.
the other shit…

lowkey: theesupaman likes to be on all 4s,
don’t he?

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

29 thoughts on “5 Ways To Know Your Wolf Is Into U”

  1. This is one of my IG homies and he seems to be a really cool dude so I am going to let him slide on some of his poses, hell I liked a few of em my damn self, and most of what he said in that list is probably true to some extent for the simple fact that a lot of times men based how well they like you on how good your sex is, just the truth. I was with this fox who just on the surface I would probably never be into, he was a little fem for my taste, but the sex was so good, I fell in love and thats the damn truth, we went out on a date and he placed my hand on his and I jerked away at first and was uncomfortable hanging out with him in public but after a while, I didnt care, I think if we would have lasted longer, I would have come out to some close people in my life for him. I even took him to the barbershop with me, I knew then I didnt give a damn no more, its been more than a minute since we kicked it, and I still think about him all the time especially the sex LoL. Shoutout to The Man and Jay for those list, so true on all accounts as well.

    BTW, Supaman is a party promoter and is all over the place, so you may actually get a chance to meet him in a city near you and be able to ask him upclose about some of his observation. If I see him in person I am going to ask him and let him know the foxole has inquiring minds. 🙂

    1. “…and most of what he said in that list is probably true to some extent for the simple fact that a lot of times men based how well they like you on how good your sex is, just the truth.”

      No disrespect to anyone, and it probably IS true, but that doesn’t make it right and it isn’t conducive to finding a meaningful relationship.

      I shudder to think men past 24 think like this because it wreaks of immaturity.

      I did basically everything I wanted to do sexually by 23, so sex rarely moves me. I get my nut and keep it moving whether they perform like a pornstar or not.

      You basically set yourself up to be a sucker/fool with this logic because most dudes out here that can REALLY fuck KNOW IT. If they use the same line of thinking they can fuck multiple dudes and collect multiple checks, car payments, phone payments, and gifts because men decide their worth by how they fuck.

      I just find it intriguing when reasons are discovered why “single or in a relationship this week and single again next week” is the norm with this population.

    2. Aww, you liked that dude Tajan. Taking him to the barbershop was bold man. You can’t beat that lol.

  2. Is he serious? Like none of those things mean anything. I swear I want to like him, but then he opens his mouth.

  3. I’m trying to think of how I am when I’ve really been into the dude in the past.

    1. I’ll definitely send long thoughtful responses through text messages. Like perfect punctuation and everything lmao

    2. I’ll take an interest in the things he does. I’ll actually ask things like what he does currently, what does he want to do in the future, what does he like to eat, etc.

    You see when you like someone, getting a photo album isn’t the end all be all lol

    3. I’ll be attempting to make him laugh literally every five seconds…luckily I’m funny.

    4. I will always smell good around him. ALWAYS! I will be scrubbed with dove, exfoliated, and lotioned down lmao

    5. I’ll probably rebuff any attempts you make to fuck early on. Most dudes talk that the wrong way though.

  4. The bottoms in his comment box are eating up his nonsense. He comes off like a naive virgin. Are we sure he has even had sex to give this kind of advice?…

    1. That wolf in fox clothing has been pounced on before lol. Maybe he tops more than he bottoms and feel he is predominately a top… I definitely couldn’t type this with a straight face lol

  5. Are you kidding me with this list. The only ones I agree with is number 3 and 5. All of that was based of sex for the most part.

    5 ways to know your Wolf is into u. The Man’s version.

    1. He makes time for you no matter the circumstances. He will spend less time with his fellow Wolves and more with you. When he is around you, he will pay little attention to his phone or anything else. You become his number one priority.

    2. He will looks his best around you no matter the occasion. You two could be watching Orange Is the New Black at your crib, and he will have on a nice buttoned up shirt, jeans, and Timbs. Yea, this is my outfit of choice when I’m trying to impress a dude. Looking good takes time and effort, Wolves do not put that much time and energy to look good unless they are really interested in you. I’m trying to steal this dude from his online boyfriend right now. I am always on point, but I always look my very best when we have class together and he can’t keep his eyes off me. He wants me so bad. Eat your heart out lol.

    3. He will text or call you before you go to work in the morning at least a few days a week. When a Wolf does this Foxes, it means you are on his mind frequently(feenin), more than an occasion or every now and then. He wants you to know he cares about you and thinks highly of you. You are worthy of his time over the rest. Foxes are throwing themselves at his feet, but you are the only one he wants exclusively.

    4. He will display fraudulent slips of affection in public. Confused? He may mistakenly place his hand on your lower back or he may place his arm around you without little thought. This is common amongst down low and discreet men actually. They will no longer care about hiding their true identity around others because their feelings for you come first. You don’t hide things you love. Ask Kerry Rhodes.

    5. When he has sex with you, he prefers missionary style over the rest, which is the most intimate position. He will want stare you in the eyes to see your reaction to him. This establishes an emotional connection, not just physical.

    For anyone who wants to come at me and MY list, save yourself the embarrassment. You will be fried to a crisp. You have been warned.

    1. I’m not scared of you!

      I like this list though.

      I think this applies to if a man is into in general though!

      I HATE HATE HATE when you meet a guy and he’s constantly on his phone.

      I know when I liked a guy I’d backflip across the room when I saw I had a text from them, even if it said “wyd” lmao

      Now some dudes may always dress nice for you, but a guy that’s into you will ALWAYS smell nice for you! Even if he’s just wearing sweats or bball shorts. Dude will smell like heaven!

      I’ve seen some DL dudes slowly make transitions to being more comfortable with themselves and the dude they’re messing with in public. Usually they do stuff only another DL dude or gay man would question or a HIGHLY sensitive woman.

      1. He a lightweight butch queen, judging by the way he speaks and the hand gestures.

        I’ll put it this way:

        Some guys you can just feel out and get a sense of whether they’d let you pound those cakes. It’s a sixth sense most tops have.

        I’d definitely try him.

        Some men you know to never try because they would punch you in the throat.

        He’s not one of those guys lol.

  6. Ugh I really thought his list would have some…depth.

    I was highly disappointed.

    Like you said, all that could apply to someone that’s just freaky and has a routine when it comes to sex smh

    1. ^he seems all about sex tbh.
      if wiping down a fox is his idea of being into someone,
      it showed exactly who he really is and what he is about.
      all foxes who think about getting with him be warned.

  7. “he might be”… I’m too old for that. Just tell me you are and/or aren’t into me so I won’t have to waste my time hanging on a “might be.”

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