some of the barbz are gonna rue the day they threatened kimberly nicole foster

everyone meet youtuber,
kimberly nicole foster.

She don’t play that.

she made the mistake of critiquing nicki minaj.
the barbz made the mistake of harassing her,
sending her threatening messages,
even towards her relatives.

and allegedly:

so she decided to take matters into her own hands.
per hiphop wired

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“my daughter might be a lesbian”

some parents aren’t prepared to handle the tough situations involving their kids.
it drives me crazy when i see people think kids are for entertainment purposes and social media flexing.

“OMG Timmy!
Go put on that little costume and do that little dance for the neighbors!
You know the one I make you do because you’re my little circus animal!”

having kids is more than that.
it’s a huge responsibility that many aren’t ready for and honestly shouldn’t have.
they be cute until they start rebelling on that ass.

i got a call early from a friend who was dealing with an issue with their kid.
she wanted advice because her daughter was searching porn on her youtube account

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have you caught up with the webseries, “poz roz”, yet or…?

How would you react if you were to be diagnosed with HIV?

i know…
what a way to start an entry but it’s a legit question.
many of us like to live dangerously “until“.

sidebar: you ever notice people will be nasty and rude af,
but as soon as they catch something or get diagnosed with a permanent illness,
suddenly they want to be sweet and dandy like cotton candy?

life shouldn’t have to humble someone in order for them to be a decent human.
no one feels sorry for the asshole when they get humbled.

those were just one of the many thoughts i had while watching someone’s art.
good art should inspire you to think.
it should move some kind of inspiration.
carlton jordan,
one of my hereos in this content creating business,
created that with his web series titled “poz roz“…

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when a youtube legend reaches out to you!!!!

i was telling my therapist how i’ve been in my emotional bag today.
i’ve been off af.
things are weird.
the energy is weird.
as he put it,
i am probably in an “emotional plague” and to go with it.
after therapy,
i felt a little better and decided to check my ig dms.

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i got smashed by 3 tops in one day (i’ll tell you the story with my sore butt cheeks)

i don’t even want to get my haircut during the rona cesspool or filth and sickness.
my spirit doesn’t trust any of it.
right now,
i’m pretty single so i don’t have any “11pm to 3am entertainment” in my roster.
my phone is dry af expect some light flirting with someone i’m not interested in.

Everyone is horny and they want to fuck.

the gays and bi folks are on phase 4 of “i’m fuckin’ whoever“.
dicks and butt cheeks are open.
a foxholer sent a video from brandon lee,
aka sexxxpertease,
about how he risked the rona and got smashed by 3 wolves in one day.
this is his explanation as to why he did it…
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the positive break up video of mj harris and corey slauson

so let’s spin this in a positive way,
shall we?
i’m all about an oprah master class moment.
so i wrote a past entry about mj harris and corey slauson.
as you know,
or didn’t,
but they were going through relationship woes due to corey’s need for relationship freedom
corey wanted to fuck as many as possible; mj wanted something more exclusive.
( x see that entry here )
mj and corey have since broken up and mj filmed corey moving out.
this is a clip i saw on twitter…
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