some of the barbz are gonna rue the day they threatened kimberly nicole foster

everyone meet youtuber,
kimberly nicole foster.

She don’t play that.

she made the mistake of critiquing nicki minaj.
the barbz made the mistake of harassing her,
sending her threatening messages,
even towards her relatives.

and allegedly:

so she decided to take matters into her own hands.
per hiphop wired

A popular YouTuber who found herself under attack by rabid Nicki Minaj fans is taking legal action for the online harassment she’s been subjected to thanks to fanatics know as the Barbz.

The Daily Beast is reporting that YouTube personality Kimberly Nicole Foster is planning on suing a gang of Nicki Minaj fans after she says they posted her personal information online after she went after the Queens rapper in a tweet calling her a “horrible person.”

Aside from contacting her local police department about the matter, Foster’s even submitted a complaint to the FBI and sent them screenshots of the threats she’s received complete with the name of the people who sent them.

it’s all fun til the rabbit got the gun.

i understand some of us like our fav celebs into parasocial relationships.
those messages to that vixen are out of control.
all this free work they were doing…

Are they about to get their legal bills paid?

i’ll be damned if i defend someone who can pay for public relations.
even if i’m getting paid,
i’m not threatening to kill someone as a defense.
i don’t understand what that was supposed to prove.
these stan bases are out of control and need to be humbled.
as one of the foxholers taught me:

The moment you get threatened online,
save and screenshot everything.
Don’t argue online like some hoodrat who don’t know any better.
Seek legal and protective action.

some lawyers will take your case for free.
no one should be threatening violence over strangers.
if these stans in paracosical relationships try you:

you may have to humble them as kimberly did.

lowkey: people need to realize if you are threatened,
you have resources to protect you.
find and use them.

article cc: hiphop wired

5 thoughts on “some of the barbz are gonna rue the day they threatened kimberly nicole foster

  1. Sue the lacefronts right off their stan heads, Kimberly Nicole Foster! They’ll learn you can’t abuse and threaten people on social media just because you disagree with them without there being consequences.

    PS: Extra points for dropping the term “parasocial”!

  2. Jamari, you hit the proverbial nail on the head when you said “these stan bases are out of control and need to be humbled”. I’ve felt this way about the Barbz and the Beyhive FOR THE LONGEST. It would be really nice to see this matter pick up steam and have serious legal repercussions for those who participate in harassment of people with differing opinions. Perhaps then folk will get their own lives and stop being extra about rich folk who don’t REALLY know or care about them…

    1. ^ these rich folks only care about YOU giving them money.
      they may like the attention,
      but they aren’t gonna come to your trial,
      provide you a lawyer,
      or pay your fees.

      i like the artists but i don’t participate in destructive stan behavior.
      these are grown-ass vixens who can fight their own battles.
      they aren’t gonna go to ruin over criticism.
      if anything,
      it helps keep them in our radar.

      i feel like artists should really enforce in their communities to not be toxic.

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