protect your black kang from getting sliced and diced in mcdonalds queen!

do people know what danger looks like nowadays?
the first sign is usually in your spirit.
you know when something doesn’t feel right.
it’s like you can feel the energy shift.
when people are fighting,
you can feel when something is about to go left.
^this looks like a poster for a slasher movie but it’s not.
i guess she volunteered as a shield to protect her black kang.
the following video of this hyena fighting other hyenas was one thing.
when he put down his bag tho…

i love how quiet they all got when the “crazy” emerged.
this white vixen in the pink pants just sitting there tho:

i guess she was too scared to move.
i woulda been once they started arguing.
this woulda been me:

sidebar: wait,
is this the same mcdonalds?

( x see it here )

the hyena with the axe ended up getting a full interview.
he claimed he wasn’t gonna hack anyone up with his axe:

he had to do what needed to be done.

read the full story: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “protect your black kang from getting sliced and diced in mcdonalds queen!”

  1. It was a 3 on 1 and he straight clowned all of them and didn’t hurt none of them. They all scared and regret it. 3 dudes jumped him and didn’t even hurt him. He ate all them hits just standing there. He went to his bag and came out with the axe and they acted like what they just did was an accident and wanted to make the situation go. They didn’t seem to think like that while they was jumping him and threatening him, they got exactly what came to them.

    1. I’m with you.( I preferred he didn’t destroy the McDonalds ) But this is New Yawk!!!! They must have hellava insurance policy there.

    2. Yeah when they all jumped on him and he was taking those hits calm AF, you knew something was coming.
      I honestly thought he was just gonna beat their asses, ’cause he definitely got some size on their skinny asses.
      But when ol’ boy took out that hatchet, their demeanor changed REAL quick, and he had ALL their asses cornered! I’m just glad he didn’t attack anyone with it and caused any bodily harm.

  2. He was interviewed

    Not to pass judgment but he came across as part of the community he has a dangly earring and very soft spoken
    But he said his intentions weren’t to hurt anyone but just to ward them off and also show them he’s not to be played with

    But he handled himself well and I would’ve gone ham too


  3. You can tell he wasn’t trying to harm them cause he could have easily chopped all three of them up but he did what he needed to do, they wanted to jump him and thought it was cool but soon as that axe came out, bow they scary asses want to apologize and forget the whole thing happened. The tall skinny kept running up on him but soon as he saw that axe, his ass was on the wall with his hands up like, “my bad bro”. He fucked that McDonald’s up but it was worth it.

    Shit I was lowkey like damn is his ass or dick gon pop out with them thin ass shorts he had on cause he was definitely filled with adrenaline.

  4. I read the article, somebody lying. He was trying to get a woman’s number? Dangling earring & pink glasses? Nah. It’s possible I guess. But I doubt it. But listen, I knew he was about crazy when he was eating them weak ass punches from 3 guys. Then y’all just “jumped” him, so you just gonna stand & watch while he digging in his bag for something? 🤣🤣 he could’ve pulled out that heater & laid everybody down.

    1. He might be pansexual, who knows? What I do know is that he took those hits and then broke out that axe/tomohawk and could have chopped of hands, arms, heads, you name it, but didn’t. They’ll think twice about clowning somebody like that in the future. They’re also lucky he didn’t have a Glock, Sig Sauer or Tec-9 in that bag. It could have gotten very ugly and deadly very fast!

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