is it worth being a good person? (survey says nope)

there are people who don’t think cardi b is a good person.
this is why after i saw ^this tweet,
i asked myself:

What is a good person?

if we are looking for some prize for being a “good person”,
you will be highly disappointed.
to some tho,
they love the applause and admiration of being “good”.
it’s how we were trained by parents and/or life.
and video games always had “good vs evil”.
i don’t think people are meant to be good people all the time.
i think all of us are too layered for that.
not only that…

Our version of good is gonna be someone else’s bad.

that is the reality of life.
there are some “bad hombres” and others who chose to do the right thing.
whatever “the right thing” looks like for them.
one of the traps we all get into is trying to be a “good person” for others.
there are celebs who we have convinced ourselves,
or they convinced us,
that they are these “good people” until we hear otherwise.
from all the rumors i’ve heard,
this one is the main offender:

she was the gay who came out,
was blacklisted by homophobia,
but found her blessings and overcame with a second chance.
the rumors of how she allegedly treated people tho?
it trumped her being a good and forgetful fish in a disney movie.

I think people need to accept themselves for all the good and bad within themselves.

in my need for acceptance,
i tried to do good things all the time,
especially with people and other males.
i don’t want anyone to deem me as this good person.
i am a flawed human with a platform.
that is a heavy load to carry similar to “being a role model”.

I have written things that got applause one minute and then slandered by the same when I wrote something they didn’t agree with.

you will NEVER be everything to everyone.
once you learn that,
i think that’s freedom.
you might rescue a cat from a tree and cuss someone out the next day.
you might fuck someone’s man and pay your tithes that sunday.
it’s life and we all do bad shit at times.
other people may or may not agree with it.
so to answer cardi’s question:

It’s worth it to do what YOU deem fit at that moment.

…because everyone will have an opinion one way or the other.

Author: jamari fox

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