august alsina checks into the latest and alleged tory lanez drama production

i know some folks don’t like megan thee stallion,
and i’m confused as to why,
but folks will reveal themselves if you let them.
allegedly fonting,
that is…
we are all over the whole “megan thee stallion vs tory lanez” drama.
the alleged sequel with a brand new star is currently in production.
 “someone vs tory lanez” starring a very random august alsina.
august posted this


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oh wow.
so tl;dr

August performed at a show.
Tory and his goons pulled up and pressed him about not giving him dap.
August claims he had no issues with Tory.
When he tried to leave the situation,
Tory sucker punched August and these were his injuries:


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not in those perfect lips of his,
he didn’t!

all jokes aside,
something is off.
every time tory is in some scandal,
the reasoning behind it is always off tbh.
these two are alleged hotheads so i dunno.
according to tory,
he was at the studio in chicago all night:


tory should have locked his fingers up.
this could make him look like a liar if the footage is released.
this sequel might get drawn out like the first one.
at this point…

Is drama the only thing Tory Lanez career is associated with?

…and if we are gonna be 100,
august alsina and his career too?

6 thoughts on “august alsina checks into the latest and alleged tory lanez drama production

  1. August Alsina is not a bad lookin dude, to some he fine as hell, others he ok and there are those who don’t see it at all. Clearly he got that Dr. Feel Good stroke but that big dick got too many mental issues that come with it.

    Then you got a R&B/Hip-Hop artist with a Napoleon complex who “allegedly” does damage but has a temporary memory lapse of the incident. People have physical medical evidence but later on they are lying on somebody with no motive to use it for financial gain. What I want to know is, how the fuck Tory sneak August tall ass, make that make sense cause somebody lying! He got a busted lip. That’s like Elmo trying to sneak Big Bird, how the fuck does he get the high to sneak you?

  2. I don’t know if I can take him serious. Then again, he did say he was fucking Jada and I was one of the people who didn’t believe him and turns out, he was fucking the shit outta her while faking to be her son best friend. Then turn around and out the situation because you got an album coming out which didn’t sell shit. So if Tory did this, he just won the case for Megan. It’s all gonna buckle down to who is more credible in a court. August is more credible because his last recent incident, he told the truth which would be the Jada situation. The only time August pops his head back up in the world, its always a scandal and a health scare or mental scare pre-dating the incident.

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