august alsina goes full ratchet virgo for his past entanglements

i thought the jada/august/entanglement storyline was over,
but nope,
it’s going for another round.
get it?
another round because they were havin’ sex?
okay i’ll stop.
so august alsina went full september for jada pinkett smith.
he said fucka red table talk,
let’s get in the studio.
he released a new track called “entanglements” with rick ross.
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that’s the thing with the unevolved virgos

i don’t hate virgos,
but i often have to wait for the other shoe to drop with them.
after dealing with a few of them,
it’s always “something“.
there are 3 virgos that are creating waves in entertainment right now.

jada pinkett-smith ( 9/18 )
august alsina ( 9/3 )
keke palmer ( 8/26 )

for august,
i was waiting for his other shoe to land on that floor.
they tried to paint him as this innocent victim,
and i’m sure in some ways he is,
but we have seen his past antics throughout the years to know.
he came after keke palmer for no reason at all over this…

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jada pinkett-smith comes clean about her entanglement with august alsina

“I got into an ENTANGLEMENT with this dude and,
it was hard to untangle myself from off that dick.
it was like he had a spell on me that i couldn’t break free of.”

“a complicated or compromising relationship or situation.”
it’s a word i’m adding to my dictionary as it explains many of my past and current “situationships”.
jada pinkett-smith used that word in the preview of her upcoming “red table talk“.
as you know,
august alsina dragged her all the way to come to terms with their past entanglement.
jada brought herself to her own red table talk with her husband,
will smith,
to address what had happened and well…
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august alsina is a tattle tail?

i believe that unless i’m in a violent situation,
98% of relationship details should remain private in a break up.
even if you’re trying to ruin my reputation,
i’ve won just be being silent.
there is no reason that i should out someone if i cared and loved that person.
it makes no sense to me.
i think that’s why most males i’ve fallen out with at one point creep back into my life.

For me,
it’s always the good -> BYE.

i hurt,
and keep on moving forward.
they know i was good to them and i paid them absolute dust.
this is what puzzles me when it comes to august alsina

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august alsina got his mind, meat, and soul reupholstered and he can’t get over it

remember when we use to call him “september“?
those were good times.
august alsina has been through some thangs,

i bet his memoirs are gonna be fantastic.
he has literally been on a roller coaster since he got in the entertainment industry.
well a vix-bi sent me the following about his alleged sexuality.
august had a recent interview about a past relationship he was in.
he chose to use the terms “person” and “human” to describe who he was with.
it lead to someone questioning his sexuality on twitter and well…
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august alsina allegedly pens a break up song for jada pinkett smith

oh september…
i’ve missed your nonsense.
so we always font about gay jackals being messy and outing others.
you know the ones who knew what they were getting in,
or what was getting into them,
but didn’t know how to play their position.
well that might have been the story for august alsina.
he was the side piece to jada pinkett smith.
not will.
the alleged break up must have been real bitter.
they both allegedly aren’t following each other anymore either.
(via hollywood unlocked)

august must have caught feelings because he took it to a song.
he did this remix of “nunya” from kehlani and well…

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