is august alsina gay? bi? or full of platonic love and healing from another male?

the straights always say/think the gays have the finest ones.
i’m sure it’s because more straight wolves don’t desire the upkeep gays do.
we can’t get half of them to clean between their cheeks properly.
we might have a lot of “fine” ones but when you are actually gay/bi

It’s similar to how we see the vixens with their fine boyfriends/husbands.

so the foxhole is buzzing about august alsina again.
he knocks it out of the park by allegedly coming out of the closet

that’s a lot of words for “i’m fuckin’ this dude“.
hollywood unlocked posted this to question this “coming out”:

so what is the truth?
*oprah voice*
i feel like august might have bagged some fine ones over the years tho.
remember when he nearly threw that vixen on 106 about trey songz?

and of course,
the ignorance starts shortly after this goes viral too:

he draws the line at august and his good news…

…but he doesn’t draw the line when Drake went after Megan thee Stallion on “Her Loss”?

clown ass bitch.
and why even announce he was deleting it?
again: clown ass bitch.
if august found love in a fine ass place then good for him.
he seems to be feeling comfy and living his truth these days.
healing and an alleged fine-ass male to fall back on (or in) will do that.

lowkey: these tweets cracked me up…

i ain’t never had no “b simone” ass strict wolf up in me.
i can’t font for the rest tho…

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19 thoughts on “is august alsina gay? bi? or full of platonic love and healing from another male?”

  1. I swear, yall be giving out ‘fine’ passes like they came from the dollar tree lol. But aight, cool for him. Not surprised at all.

  2. Lmao. Please ignore Jutland. He’s a troll under EVERY big posts, he intentionally make those kinda tweets he’s literally notorious for doing it. After I found that out I always laugh seeing him under a comment now. And congrats to Aggue if true

  3. Y’all know he’s trolling you right? That boy in the video is his blood brother his name Zu and he’s a music producer. So watch the video again and check out the vibe between them two it’s a very platonic vibe and so fake.😂😂😂

    1. When did he come into August’s life? The Surreal Life was filmed last year, 2021. The bit August recorded was filmed back in the spring, if not early summer. On the show, he said that the relationship blossomed over a year. So if he is his brother, some people said his artist, did he discover his dad had other children? Or is brother code for gay family? If that is the case, don’t gays sleep their gay mothers and siblings all the time?

  4. Old news! Couple of years too late. I guess folks need something to chew on right now. My response : August Alsina?…aw okay. I’m no more surprised if it was Trey Songs who came out….not news.

  5. So it’s his brother but when his brother Mel died we never heard or saw this boy? Yeah ok

    I’m calling bullshit. It’s his brother just as much as Jada was like his mother

    he has close relationship with his mother maybe due to his close relationship with august but both are queer as 3 dollar bills and I told people this when august began acting like a diva over trey songz and again when the pic of him and keke Palmer came out and he disclaimed her. It was a very “I would never” type of response and keke is beautiful and paid so i knew he wasn’t straight
    its about time “straight acting attractive” men start coming out

    The pool is crowded with fems and bottoms much love to them but gayness isn’t monolithic and someone had to do the bending

    1. And I oop… I’m done. “I’m calling bullshit. It’s his brother just as much as Jada was like his mother”… in the words of Law Roach, “you ate that”!

    2. I’m glad you caught this. People forget years ago when august snapped on the 106 n park host over mentioning trey. Even then I was like hmmmm there’s definitely more to the demise of their “friendship” & this dude is NOT his brother. You’d think he would give that long ass introduction and description of how different and unorthodox his love is for someone just for it to be a sibling? Are people really this dumb? Read in between the lines. He was basically saying he was in love in a subtle way without going into immense detail. Ofcourse they’re not going to kiss atleast YET on national tv, this is both new for them and society is still narrow-minded when it comes to same sex relations especially when it regards black men and a desired one at that. Happy for them and can’t wait until they’re more comfortable but this is definitely a step.

  6. All I am going to say is this….he is the AMBIGOUSLY GAY DUO in human form, and yes BOTH OF THEM. Have you ever met someone who tries to be sooooo deep and blah blah blah, but once you meet them they turn out to be a big dud. I am not saying August is like that but I can only imagine what a relationship with him is like. He has given “attention whore” vibes since day one…CHIIIIILE BOO!!

  7. August’s mother(IG @favorofgod63) posted on Mother’s Day that she has 5 kids (a daughter and 4 sons).She posted their pics and DOBs.August is her youngest child.This guy is NOT one of her kids.

    Posters on Lipstick Alley, claim August’s aunt posted on FB that this guy is not related to them.Also that August is his father’s only child.

    August probably referred to this guy as his “Lil’ Bro” that’s probably why people thought he was his blood brother.Also apparently this guy wished August’s mom Happy Birthday and said “Happy Birthday Mom” but that doesn’t mean they are related.After Snoop Dogg’s mom died I remember seeing several comments from his friends saying “I’m going to miss you, mom”.

    Lastly when The Shade Room posted the Surreal Life clip, Tamar Braxton commented,”Love wins,My Brother is free”.He and Tamar become close on The Surreal Life.As a matter of fact a few weeks ago I watched an interview they did and they referred to each other as sister and brother.During that interview on Revolttv August was emotional discussing the show.I haven’t watched the show so I can’t say why he was so emotional.

    Another thing according to Lipstick Alley this guy is 19,estranged from his family and was working at Walmart before he met August.

    1. Thank u!!!

      I want august to be careful bc Although I didn’t like how he handled the Tory thing (I would’ve had my security beat his ass) I fear the boy is taking advantage of him

      I also recall the boy being like 19-21 august is 29 and that’s a big age gap

      I remember august saying he slept with people for a place to stay when he Was younger we as gay men have to stop passing down trauma

      And fucking barely legals who have nothing. That’s a parasitic relationship he needs an equal

      This is why breakups are so messy on this side

  8. Jamari, that is NOT his brother. He literally replied to a fan asking if they want a third on Twitter. Who would reply to that…with their bio brother? The man is likely pansexual. “Love is love no matter the body it’s in, I’m attracted to souls” You know August is the sensitive third eye type.

  9. No surprise alot of already knew he was at least bisexual as most blk men from NOLA are 😬

    What happened to that 106 host he rudely checked? that was so disrespectful cussing and all in front of the kids and the world. I wonder if he did something with Jaden because I always thought it was weird that a grown ass man has a 17 yo best friend 🤔

  10. Makes me wonder what was the true relationship or entanglement between Jaden Smith and Alsina and then between Will/Jada and Alsina. A man who once tried to look like older Little Richard might be bi.

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