i had an issue with how tyler perry portrayed gay males in his productions.
they were always embarrassing stereotypes with weird storylines.
for his new production,
a madea homecoming“,
he might be turning that around.
this is how he wrote a character coming out to family…


lil nas x thought folks would abandon him once he came out

i’m proud of america (for once).
i haven’t said/fonted that in a while.
lil nas x came out of the closet and there was no push back.
he is still selling and i enjoy him on twitter.
he spoke to “time magazine” about how scared he was to come out.
a foxholer sent me what he he had to say via “msn
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Lena Waithe Wants All Her Peers In Hollywood To Come Out The Closet

i hate when some of the fellow gays do this.
not the fist pump,
smart ass.
that “not minding their own business” thing.
the ones who are out,
but begging for others to come out to make the world better.
lena waithe is who i’m talking about today.
she is an out actress/writer for “masters of none” and “the chi”.
she had a lot to say during the “essence black women in hollywood awards luncheon” on thursday.
this is what she said via “usa today”
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Being “Masculine” Is Still An Everyday Struggle

so as you know,
i love watching “everyday struggles” on youtube.
joe budden,
dj akademiks,
and nadeska alexis discuss hip hop and topics within the culture.
i love the witty banter and joey turning into “super saiyan” especially.
well the discussion was about tyler the creator,
his alleged coming out,
and being gay in that hip hop forest.

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I Loved The “Point of Vue” From My Crush

so last night,
i decided to indulge in a bedtime story.
it would be told from my crush i wrote about yesterday,
kiing law.
as he was introduced to me.
when i met him,
i thought he was straight.
i may be in severely “deep like” with you,
but i’m respectful of potential boundaries.
i’m shy and i’m not with the “hittin on random males” shits.
what i ended up reading was a powerful story of his coming out.
he wrote it on his own blog and i wanted to share a snippet for the foxhole…
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Rihanna Holds A Fan’s Virtual Hand As They Come Out

tumblr_n4vjxuMxd51ra37f1o1_500rihanna is an angel.
i swear she is.
one of my readers sent me this today and i started to tear up.
so the gist of this story goes like this.
rihanna and a fan been communicating via dm.
they both have been following each other on twitter for years.
well the fan was insecure about coming out and decided to dm rihanna.
i mean if you got a major pop star on speed dial,
then why not?
this is the convo between the two…

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