lil nas x thought folks would abandon him once he came out

i’m proud of america (for once).
i haven’t said/fonted that in a while.
lil nas x came out of the closet and there was no push back.
he is still selling and i enjoy him on twitter.
he spoke to “time magazine” about how scared he was to come out.
a foxholer sent me what he he had to say via “msn

Lil Nas X said in a recent interview that he didn’t initially plan to come out as gay, in part due to his fear of alienating some of his fans.

The rapper, who went viral was his hit “Old Town Road,” said he’d been taught from a young age that homosexuality “is never going to be OK,” and told Time magazine that he was afraid of losing fans if he came out.

“I know the people who listen to [country music] the most, and they’re not accepting of homosexuality,” said Lil Nas, whose hit single successfully combines elements of country and hip-hop.

Lil Nas told the magazine that Pride month ended up motivating him to open up about his sexuality.

In June, I’m seeing Pride flags everywhere and seeing couples holding hands – little stuff like that,” the rapper said, adding, “I never would have [come out] if I wasn’t in a way pushed by the universe.”

here is a video from his “time magazine” shoot:


i kinda think he had to come out.
folks were applying pressure about his past nicki minaj stan account,
plus his nudes were circulating everywhere.
i still think it’s child porn,
but that’s another story.
i’m glad he was able to live his truth tho.
he’s a great lesson on conquering fear.
a majority of the time,
it’s all in your head.
you gotta know when “your moment” is.
once you feel it,
i font that you do it.
The Universe might be leading you to your breakthrough.

article cc: msn

10 thoughts on “lil nas x thought folks would abandon him once he came out

  1. No one won’t say it but I will. This dude is ugly cute. No one would be checking for this dude if controversy didn’t hit him with billboard. Eryone just won’t admit it. This dude is lame. He is s troll but evidently that’s what passes in the 21st century. Controversy and ratchetry. Woulda been another 1:20 song if that hillbilly Billy Ray ain’t jump on the track and give this bug eyed some clout. And the gay community jumping on board for the clout to talmbout we got you. Yeah y’all got him like y’all had frank ocean. nbayoungboy said it best. I can’t show fake love , ion know him. God bless his family I guess.

  2. I’m so proud of Lil Nas X, and he probably won’t realize till he’s older how important his coming out was.

    As a young Black male artist in country and hip hop, with the most popular song of the year and one of the most popular of all time, that even toddlers and elderly people love, he could have stayed in the closet, but he didn’t, and it has given hope, strength and courage to so many people, especially young Black people and even many older ones.

    He’s a real talent, a beautiful person and soul. I wish him the very best & hope he keeps doing his thing on his own terms! Keep soaring, brotha!

  3. Where’s the next song? You can only live off a song for so long. He better enjoy this moment in time and make the most of it while he can.

    1. He is working on releasing a full album. He charted well with a few of the songs off his current cd.

  4. Let this young man live his best life while he can. Too many of us wish we could do what he is doing which is living in his truth.

  5. So, happy for him! Instead of repercussions he’s getting appreciation for it. The world can be good sometimes.

    1. ^”font” means the words you type instead of talking out loud.

      you’d “say” something in real life.
      i “font: on this website daily to express my inner thoughts.

  6. hmm a cutie..but sadly a white or a black boy but he seems to sleep with whites will soon grab his ass and pretend to love him and before you know it he has no money…..SIGH…another brother bites the dust

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