as long as nicki minaj is on a “top 50 list”, she is good

so nicki minaj is on a roll again.
i could understand if it made any type of sense,
but none whatsoever.
so allegedly,
she threw shots at cardi during her time on “the joe budden podcast“.
this is what one of her stans posted


Getting awards for your work means less than some “so my top 10 rapper is…” random conversation?

it’s funny how her mouth was different with kim.
wasn’t it all about awards and achievements back then?

cardi has been doing a good job with her own “time out”,
but she took time to post an alleged response on her ig:

^that was more effective than a shoe upside the head.
good one.

it’s weird because of all the “top whatever” lists i’ve seen…

Cardi or her haven’t been on any

kim has tho.
so that was a huge self drag on her part,
not to mention she has yet to achieve a grammy for her own work.
it’s not even the excuse of “folks are hating on her because she is a black woman“.
the new black vixens of rap seem to be vegans in a heavy “no beef zone“.

Nicki is acting like a grown ass child and needs to pull it together

at this point,
she needs to be focused on her next single and the direction of her career.

lowkey: someone in her camp is failing her,
the barbz aren’t buying the music,
and she is dating a career criminal and alleged rapist.
queen era: part 2.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “as long as nicki minaj is on a “top 50 list”, she is good”

  1. Sounds like a publicity stunt ….though to be fair…the Grammy’s isn’t about talent anymore…it’s about popularity. No one had anything to say about Nikki dominating the charts and writing her own music and doing flawless bars. Cardi was put in to create controversy so their could be some division between two women..but since since did she give away free coats…

    Nikki Minaj gets a lot hate now for some reason. Over time I’ve seen folks like her and slowly slide on over to Cardi B because she’s trendy.

    Cardi has admitted to not even writing her own stuff & she gets a pass AND a Grammy. How can you be a legendary Queen of Rap when you don’t even write your own stuff. A music genre where it depends on such a skill?

    I think to settle this they should have a one on one face off.. No rehearsal…just go at it and see who can really create magic off the top of their tongue. I’m dead serious. I wanna see what each one of them can do on their own in the open.

    Side note:

    I think some of these stans are mentally unstable. You can bring up facts and they will attack you. You can even say you don’t like her music & you will get attacked. If you mention anything they don’t like..they attack.

    To me, I think that is also the definition of adults acting like children that you attributed to Nikki.

    1. Thanx Jammy for putting that out here I’ve been saying the same thing because everybody has jumped on This Cardi B train.

      It’s mighty funny that no Black Woman has won for Best Rap Album but Cardi B won that. Atlantic must have paid big money to make that happen. Lastly 10 years ago it was about awards that dictated talent. Stop gasing up that non-black woman giving her the ammo to pretend like she is one of us

  2. Well she brought her own demise! In the words of Nicki Minaj you know what people are scare of us success! She said that to Angie Martinez! Well karma is a bitch and fate is her sister!

  3. Nicki will be fine, because the Queen era Pt. 1, went platinum and had gold and platinum singles off of that album. People need to be careful with repeating rhetoric from other blogs on the net. She has the number #1 radio show and Megatron will possibly be Gold before the end of this month. Also, if you go to Riaa, Kim does not compare to Nicki. The Pinkprint has sold over 20 million and her entire catalog has sold over 100 million. She will be fine and has solidified her place in history. She has also, shown how much of a strong women she is, with all the hate that she had to endure when Cardi was coming out.

    1. That is the magic era darling. The only female to have all of her albums go platinum is missy misdemeanor elliott who is also the recipient of this years VMA Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award!!!

        1. All of Missy albums have not went platinum, these are her album sales.

          2,142,000, Under Construction (2002)
          1,767,000, Miss E …So Addictive (2001)
          1,221,000, Supa Dupa Fly (1997)
          1,068,000, Da Real World (1999)
          705,000, This Is Not a Test! (2003)
          657,000, The Cookbook (2005)

  4. Yeah. I agree with the focus on her next single bit. Because Megatron didn’t do it for her. She needs to put all that energy into resurrecting her career.

  5. Imagine being a black man and actually putting the hype and personality of a barely talented Hispanic woman over that of a talented black woman who actually has REAL RECORD BREAKING ACHIEVEMENTS 😩😩😩

  6. Nicki is raps version of Donald Trump-vain, unhinged, narcissistic and damn near incoherent. Funny how she’s talking bout how accolades dont matter but if she had a grammy she’d be rapping about it on her next 12 singles. She and Her 14yr old gay fanbase used to love touting her chart positions and sales but now that she’s on the downslide, they wanna downplay it’s importance. I’ll be so glad when she goes away.

  7. If I recall, this happened last time. This is Deja Vu. Right after Nicki deaded the Lil Kim beef, Remy Ma came out and Cardi slipped right in and snatched both they wigs. Cardi replaced Remy Ma and Megan replaced Cardi. Megan got hits, doing everything Cardi did. When Cardi was coming out, she said she wanted to work with both Nicki and Remy… and she did. Then she went full in on Nicki falling for her Bardi Gang instigating rumors. Its room for every female rapper to get a bag. We don’t need just one. We need a variety. Kim had a variety of competition.

  8. On a lighter note, who is STILL buying 25 from Adele?! Doesn’t everybody on the world have at least one copy by now? Lol

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