i’d like to see sergio gray in calvin klein underwear, please?

i mean…
it’s pretty obvious when you have the bawdy and booty for it.
i think sergio gray would be great asset in the #mycalvin ads for calvin klein underwear.
he showed he fills them out well in a recent marvin bienaime bts

even tho he looks great with them off:


…he should put his name in the ring to be their next spokes-wolf.
i like to know the underwear can stretch and hold around every curve.
i mean who wouldn’t want to see this in their underwear:

i’ll ask the foxhole before we give the go ahead:

Would you like to see Sergio in a #mycalvin ad?

lowkey: he put up this recent video on his ig…

…and i’m literally vibrating.
i’d like more please.

video cc: marvin bienaime | sergio gray

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “i’d like to see sergio gray in calvin klein underwear, please?

  1. Marvin should come out with a clothing line and this would be another great revenue stream of income since he has a nice size following and others posting his material on their sites.

  2. A lot of things can be said about Marvin but one thing you CAN NOT, CAN NOT argue with is his exquisite taste in men!!

  3. Why I tell my bf to hit a few squats in the gym. He doesn’t want a bubble butt like mine but I told him I love men when masculine toned butts. This guy is a perfect example of a man with a nice butt.

  4. To me, his butt is firm and bubbly, but I, as well as others, have bigger with less of the muscle mass and more softness. I am not knocking him, but I don’t see the hoopla over these straight men. I rather have soft bubble with volume than something so hard. But that is a fem for you. The trade love soft cakes.

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