this isn’t happy hour for don lemon today

dammit don and just when you found happiness too.
well that dog is looking at don lemon as the rest of us are.
he found himself in an alleged scandal and lawsuit today.
according to the “new york post“…

A former Hamptons bartender says in a new lawsuit that Don Lemon assaulted him after the CNN host disgustingly fondled himself at a local watering hole.

Dustin Hice says in his Suffolk County Supreme Court suit that he was slinging drinks in July 2018 for The Old Stove Pub in Sagaponack when he and his coworkers decided to go out for drinks after work one night.

The group headed to Murf’s Backstreet Tavern in Sag Harbor, where Hice told The Post, “I see out of the corner of my eye, it’s Don Lemon’’ there, too.

“I had had two beers, maybe three at the most,’’ Hice recalled. “I said, ‘Hey, Don, let me buy you a drink.’ I turned to Nick the bartender and said, ‘Hey, Nick, let me get two [vodka] Lemon Drops’ and put two fingers in the air.

“Don was sitting with two or three other people, and he looks at me and goes, ‘I’m just trying to have a good time, man.’ I said, ‘Oh, OK, sorry,’ and that was it,’’ Hice said.

“I absolutely wasn’t hitting on him whatsoever,’’ Hice said of Lemon, 53, who is gay and married. “I’m a heterosexual male.”

As alleged in his complaint, Hice, 38, told The Post, “About 5 or 10 minutes later, Don gets up, walks around the bar, comes up right up to me and puts his hands down his board shorts. He rubs himself aggressively, his penis and whatever else down there.”

Lemon then “shoved his index and middle fingers in Plaintiff’s mustache and under Plaintiff’s nose,’’ according to Hice’s suit, which was filed over the weekend.

“And he goes, ‘Do you like p—y or d–k?’ And he kept saying, ‘P or D? P or D?’ He said it three or four times. I’m like, ‘Whoa man, what the hell?’ ” Hice claimed.

The accuser said he was so traumatized that he fled the bar and came back a couple minutes later to find Lemon gone.

“I had to go into work the next day, and by then, people all across town knew it,’’ Hice told The Post. “It spread like wildfire. And I had people coming in that week and ordering Lemon Drops and being like, ‘Give me two,’ ” infuriating and humiliating him, he said.

Hice says in his suit that he suffered “severe emotional stress and loss of future earnings and opportunities’’ and is suing for unspecified damages.

this is dustin for review:

this story gets a:


i’m giving the side eye to the reasoning in buying don a drink.
don was with people

…but Dustin felt allegedly bold enough to do this?

now in his defense,
don is a public figure,
so maybe he was on liquid courage.
i don’t know if i believe this story too much.
something about it seems fishy,
but the truth can be stranger than fiction at times.

if the story is true,
my question is…

Why would Don be so stupid to do some weird shit like this?

it would scream “can’t handle my likka“.
you know maga stans are watching don’s every move.
they create videos like this:


stay woke don.

article cc: ny post

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “this isn’t happy hour for don lemon today”

  1. he’s “straight” but those bangs aren’t… it’s so easy to target an openly gay celeb with this foolery. Not that i’m completely team Don. He was very questionable pre Trump. However Fox news’ followers reminded him of a few things. I heard he had a thing for hood trade dudes before. His new fiance is anything but that. But I believe this accusation as much as I believe his accuser doesn’t own a pink Britney Spears baby tee…

  2. I’m sorry please dont believe this shit we no white folks lie like a rug and what man goes for that type of disrespect don finger would have been his last meal period but I dont believe a word

  3. I call BULL SHIT! That boy (who looks like a ‘ho of some sort) is looking for a check and five minutes of fame.

  4. I agree with everyone else. Besides, does that bar they went to not have camera’s. Even if they didnt, he said everyone around town knew about it…Im pretty sure something as talked about as that could easily be confirmed by others. I dont believe this dude one bit. And I think he knows his story is far fetched and he might just be doing this for attention. But he better be careful cause Don could counter sue for him lying on him

  5. He’s lying. You can tell he’s lying or at least stretching and it doesn’t take that much analysis to see that.

    I swear people are so dramatic these days for attention. This story might have worked if it was a white woman going through white plight but him, Nah.

    In any case, to be optimistic, Don is not immune to error. He’s a human being just like the rest of us and can get beside himself….though this seems out of character for him. I don’t know him personally besides what he portrays on screen, so he could be any way behind closed doors.

    Who knows but it certainly appears the white guy seems sketchy with such a half plotted story.


    Which came first ….
    A) Successful Gay Black Men – who then started Dating White ?
    B) Gay Black Men Dating White 1st – and became successful because of access to Networking ?

    There are quite a few “High Profile” Gay Black Successful Men Dating Non-Black Men:

    1 Don Lemon ( Anchor)
    2) Karamo ( MTV ,Queer Eye)
    3) Shaun T ( Work out guru)

    To each his own, but what gives.?

    They say that “Who you love provides insight to you ( take this however you want) ha ha ha

  7. It’s a black man thing when he gets money he begins to hang and date white men or women fact they think money makes them better than so they tend to take on master way of thinking this is called cooning fact

  8. This may be more prevalent than I want to admit. I can’t really speak for the porn community without igniting a flame but at one point I was under the impression that most of the black dudes that do interracial scenes for straight porn seem to always uplift and celebrate white women ONLY. Most of the comments you see from them were always talking about them in high regard but never a black woman.

    Not sure if this is some niche thing in that case but I know some time ago I found out that there are some black men into race play where they want white men to dominate them in a way that they are slaves. The white man calls them nigger or nigger-bitch and all that. This is what they call “role-playing”. I think this is a bit extreme but what do I know.

    I have nothing against interracial couples or white people (well not all of them)….just those select few that make it clear the non-black person’s race are the most finest things walking out there.

    I’ll date outside my race if he fine and intellectual enough but I can’t lie and say that with me, Black men are always the number 1 on my list (the dark ones at that)… probably followed by Latinos then, closely by others like Middle Eastern, Asian which usually are a Afro-Latino, Afro – Asian..etc

    I like some white men but they are few and far between.

    I could have sworn you did an article about this same man and his boyfriend or something. That may have been a year or so ago…(Dam, I been on this blog long af. Must be doing something right to keep me coming back.)

    I’m always curious about folks comments regarding sexual orientation and race. From what I observe, there are people from all walks of forests in here and I like to see how they voice themeselves or defend these topics.

    If I remember correctly there is a low brow divide on race and dating leading up to why “successful black dudes always latch onto a white person” versus “there are plenty of successful black gay couples out there” but I don’t have the evidence.

    The Taye Diggs post was a real eye opener. I’ll have to go back and read over that one again.

  9. Thank you both. I posted this question here due to “Higher than average “intelligence of readers such as yourself who seem to follow this site. I have my personal thoughts and though they vary, at the end of the day I share both of you distinguished gentlemen’s point of view .

    It sort of pains me to see them equate success with ” anything but black . I’m also human enough to admit that I take it personal. I am a Male , I am black I am successful and I wouldn’t have it any other way, yet for some looking for “Success “I still wouldn’t be enough??

  10. People who are in the LGBTQ community can always expect some shit! Like someone else stated this guy is looking for fame and mpney.

  11. From my experience white guys want to “experiment” under the guise of “being drunk”, especially w/ black guys. So I doubt he’s “straight”. It sounds like he was “cruising” for a quick hookup. We already know Don likes white guys & can’t handle his alcohol, so he might’ve come on too strong, in public. But who knows what really happened. I just wonder if Don’s going to pay up or go to trial?

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