I’m Hungry

being home from the plantation today…
the air smells so much sweeter.
the sun was beaming through my window.
my blankets were scattered about around me.
it was like a whole scene.
like in the beginning when they introduce the character…
mi also had to be in work at 8am so i’m home alone.
i feel at peace.
like in the first time in a long time.
as i laid in my bed,
i couldn’t help but think about some issues in the forefront…

i realize i’m not the typical blogger.
my blog is very gay friendly,
but i like to think i offer more than that.
this blog is basically who i am.

(inside jamari fox.
inside me?
get it?
okay sorry…)

when i was ( x reading the entry ) from 2011 in the last entry,
and i saw the growth in so many of the foxhole from then to now,
i really had to look and say:

“this thing i made is fuckin big deal.”

i’ll be honest to say i was scared.
okay still scared.
its this “rejection” thing.
don’t judge me.
i don’t know how to approach companies about my site.
i want to do interviews,
but i thought people wouldn’t want to be “associated” with me.
i mean i can get ratchet

badtattoosface1….but classy.
in my mind tho,
i feel they won’t accept me because i’m not like everyone else.
meaning i don’t just focus on entertainment or fashion.
whatever i’m feeling at the moment,
or if the story is interesting,
i will post it.
my blogger swagg is very erratic.
so i don’t really have a clear definition for my site.

the thing with that is i have a lot of readers.
some who lurk.
some who are active within the foxhole.
the comment section is where the real gems are buried.
the foxhole is very intelligent and honest.
when it comes to celebs,
and my issues.
hell the comments got me out of my funk with “him”.

(can you believe he texted me bright and early at 8am?
i mean can you believe that shit?)tumblr_nl693uB9uH1up1dk4o4_250

anyway this site holds the opinions of the majority.

so i need to figure out how to maneuver with this upgrade i’m embarking on.
i know i want to be a full time blogger and i def want to get paid for it.
so i’m asking for help or even ideas.
maybe assistance with writing or creating what to send out to companies?
how to approach celebs to interview?
the best way to take this site to the next level?
i’m completely over the plantation.

…a closed mouth don’t get fed right?

x email for private suggestions

14 thoughts on “I’m Hungry

  1. Yeah it’s definitely time to start making this blog into your real moneymaker because you put so much love and passion into it. To be honest I don’t really know much about blogging or how to make money from it but there is another blog that I check out on the regular from Claire Sulmers called the fashion bomb daily and see did and interview with essence a few years back talking about how she made her blog what it is and how she gets money from it( I know it has to do with fashion but some her of tips were inspiring and might help). Plus she also talk about on her lifestyle blog how she got started in her field .here are the link if u want to check it out



    1. ^im reading this now at work and I am extremely inspired!
      mikey thank you.
      I’m going to take a suggestion she posted and see if it sticks!

  2. Hello Mr. Fox,

    I don’t normally comment, but ever so often I have to say hey: Mr. Fox, I know you want to go corporate, but you have to remember..to go corporate you have to do and say what they want! Your blog allows many of us to come and express our feelings about issues that we could never say to anyone..this is what makes your blog special. I know you want the corporate dollars, but remember ” take your passion and make it happen” and you have! The money, fame, all that will come. Stay true to you Mr. Fox. There have only been two sites that I called my own: Dicks Diana Ross Website and yours. Mr. Dick, did his website for 26 years, becaused he loved Ms.Ross, his greatest achievement was when ” she actually called him when his grandsons died in a tragic fire too offer her condolences” I say this to say” Mr. Fox, you don’t know whose lurking in the shadows..just continue doing you and everything else will come naturally:)

    1. ^omg really about diana?!?!
      i love that!!!
      yeah the shadows of the foxhole has some big time lurkers.
      he’ll some who comment/ented as well.
      thank you for your support b.

      1. yeah! about Ms. Ross, and I am a fool for that Lady! Her Music is the fabric of my/our life! Just be patience Mr. Fox, God, don’t give gifts willy/nilly..you have a gift! Now just let it simmer and perculate… when that aroma begins to smell all thru the hood…you’ll know it’s time”) big up’s my friend..I will see you in Dubai, Africa, Rio, Paris, London, Rome, Istanbul..Japan..and all points in between..:)

  3. It would be nice if/when you get paid from blogging plus the job cause I’m still waiting for you to travel

  4. ive been coming to this site literally for yrs, i dont even know how long so i def would love to see u progress. i would just suggest networking in the blogger world, reach out to different blogs.(if u go that route be nice when asking for help but keep your distance w/ personal info because ive seen so many bloggers fall out with each other and try to out on another or tell their business) also maybe reach out directly to companies. you are on the more adult themed side and on those type of sites i see advertisements mostly for underwear,adult themed clothing and advertisements for black-gay themed social events.

    1. ^yeah I’ve dealt with the nastiness from a couple bloggers.
      I’ve met some really nice ones as well.
      thank for supa for your support!

  5. Hey Jamari, I’m new to this so Idk if my advice in this area is helpful at all, because I’m learning from you lol.

    Your site is a big deal. There are two blogs that I frequent, but yours is number #1. This is the only social media outlet that I even comment on, because you make me think, and bring out my strong opinions. No one else makes me think or has intelligent ideas, or ways to pull at my heartstrings the way you do. It’s honestly incredibly rare for me to share my opinion in such an open way, but the way you have created a community that feels like a brotherhood inspired me so much that I wanted to be a part of it. I’ve never felt like that reading a blog before.
    Its not your content that should define how far you get in this industry, its your candid-ness, your openess, you are so unapologetically human on here that we can all relate and make us feel comfortable be human with you. It makes you a beautiful person.

    Idk what youre next steps are but dont worry about being rejected, you have to go for what you want. If you don’t go, then you didn’t do everything in your power to get what you feel you deserve. You HAVE to be fearless now and throw caution to the wind. Its your time to take action and take the reigns and control your destiny.

    If you don’t take the steps necessary out of fear, then you deserve the plantation because you’re still holding on to being safe. If it hurts, it will hurt, hell you can even make an entry about it, but after everything you’ve been through, you owe it to yourself to do everything in your power to MAKE it happen!

    Your actions will prove to you what you really believe you deserve and how you REALLY feel about yourself!

    This is slightly harsh from me, but I’m saying this because I know how imminent this is. We believe in you Jamari, i know I do, or I would never have had the courage to ever comment on your site. I don’t waste my time on those who don’t deserve it.

    My time hasnt been wasted here, its been invested, so thats saying something IMHO.

    On a more technical side of things, I suggest adding a fashion trends and style tips type of section or something! I would take advice from you! That way you could say your blog really does cover all aspects of your life, though your posts are definitely a lot more thought-provoking than just fashion,
    (which- the thought-provoking and relateability along with the amazing commenters is what attracted me to your site in the first place).

    You have the meat and bones jamari, why wouldnt they accept you?

    Be a Gold Digga and ask for the things you want, and if they reject you, ask what you need to do to get there, and be FEARLESS! We will try to cushion your fall!

    If they see people making comments like this on the regular, I can’t see why they wouldnt think this could be big. Its a niche market, but its a big one. You’ve changed lives dude. Thats huge.

    Much love!

    1. ^well the way I felt away from the plantation,
      I know my time there is dwindling.
      im getting tired of going there.
      it’s time for me to bounce.

      thank for this advice d.
      I’ve been researching all day so stay tuned!

  6. Jamari, I’m not an active member in the comments, but I’m an active reader and I can definitely see the growth in you and your blogging. Over the years, your blog has helped me through so many difficult situations in my life. Including getting over an ex, trying to find my purpose and meaning in life, and even helped me confront my fear of how people that are close to me will accept me for who I am. With me being in the military, I had a hard time finding a way to express who I am and became very distant with the people in my unit. Once I came out, things have been a whole lot easier for me to connect and show them the great person I am. Life has been so much better because of it and for once I can say that I am damn proud to be a HYBRID! With all of that being said, THANK YOU! I wish you nothing but success now and in whatever you do in your future.

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