22 million ways to die in the foxhole

ya know,
when i started the foxhole back in 2009,
i didn’t start it with the intentions of making money.
i didn’t even know it was going to be a “foxhole”.
i didn’t think anyone would care enough to check me out.
i used it to express myself,
font about good lookin males,
entertainment stuff,
and whatever else interested me at the time.
what i didn’t know was…

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Nobody Roots for Goliath

i’m here to be opinionated and messy.
i’m also here to be emotional and a depressed mess too.
i’m even here to offend.
this site wasn’t made to be perfect.
this is the one place i don’t want to be perfect.
the intent wasn’t to befriend other bloggers in hopes of social climbing.
i could care less if kid fury,
b scott,
funky dineva,
or necole bitchie don’t like me.
not my problem.
even the celebs that i talk about,
there wasn’t/isn’t an insane need to kiss ass for their acceptance.
you know what truly inspires me?…

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I Loved The “Point of Vue” From My Crush

so last night,
i decided to indulge in a bedtime story.
it would be told from my crush i wrote about yesterday,
kiing law.
as he was introduced to me.
when i met him,
i thought he was straight.
i may be in severely “deep like” with you,
but i’m respectful of potential boundaries.
i’m shy and i’m not with the “hittin on random males” shits.
what i ended up reading was a powerful story of his coming out.
he wrote it on his own blog and i wanted to share a snippet for the foxhole…
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I Don’t Ever Want To Be Featured on insidejamarifox.com

“he blocked me because i said i saw him featured on your blog.”

i was told that yesterday by a foxholer about an alleged attentionisto.
this one:

isn’t he trying to be a “model”?
he needs all the attention he can get.
although i suspect he will be getting into porn.
so foxhole,
has it come to this?
they are mad to grace the foxhole at insidejamarifox.com.
well i love it.
i’ll tell you why in a nicely wrapped up entry
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I’m Hungry

being home from the plantation today…
the air smells so much sweeter.
the sun was beaming through my window.
my blankets were scattered about around me.
it was like a whole scene.
like in the beginning when they introduce the character…
mi also had to be in work at 8am so i’m home alone.
i feel at peace.
like in the first time in a long time.
as i laid in my bed,
i couldn’t help but think about some issues in the forefront…
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One Day I’ll Look Back At This and Take A Shot

tumblr_m6ldsysiIV1qzeufnsometimes i wonder if its obvious when its time to move forward in life.
like are there any signs?
does god ring a bell that only you hear?
do you have to hear that you’re good enough before hand?
i see so many people getting stuck.
working these dead ends jobs until they can’t do it anymore.
watching their dreams pass them by with every punch in/punch out.
all they do is complain about their shit head boss and full of shit co workers.
it scares me.
being that person scares the fuck out of me.
can i be real with the foxhole tonight…
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