I Don’t Ever Want To Be Featured on insidejamarifox.com

“he blocked me because i said i saw him featured on your blog.”

i was told that yesterday by a foxholer about an alleged attentionisto.
this one:

isn’t he trying to be a “model”?
he needs all the attention he can get.
although i suspect he will be getting into porn.
so foxhole,
has it come to this?
they are mad to grace the foxhole at insidejamarifox.com.
well i love it.
i’ll tell you why in a nicely wrapped up entry

when i write about someone attractive,
i don’t know diddly squat about them 95% of the time.
we never met,
or they don’t owe me any money.
so they are a clean slate with pecs and muscles to admire.
they already doing that on their instagrams or snapchats.
seeing as i usually have a good eye,
i usually write about wolves i’m sure the foxhole would enjoy.

many of the males are straight.
they are upstanding citizens who pay their taxes and go to bed at 10pm on weeknights.
others are playing straight,
but really bisexual or gay.
some are low-key escorts and others are notoriously dl.

I don’t know anything when I feature a male

like ( x jose tavarez ),
they get all in their feelings once they get featured.

“why am i on this gay website?”
“i ain’t gay so why am on this????”

a few have been exposed for their dl behavior within the foxhole.
many have been revealed in my emails.
i’ve even had exposures of scammers and informants.
it all comes when anyone has secrets.
whatever the case is:


they can’t stop anyone from featuring them.

if your dumb ass is fuckin’ other males on the low,
or stealing credit cards while using a front as a “personal trainer”,
then stay your ass off social media.

no one can expose anyone if they aren’t visible.
my blog may just start their day of judgment.
“funky dineva”,
or “mediatakeout” can as well.
anyone can be featured on a bigger platform and be exposed.
some jackal or scorned vixen won’t have sympathy because you were on people’s “most beautiful” list.
if anything,
that is the perfect time to tell the world.

so when i see dumb ass males reacting so negatively about being featured,
i often have a good chuckle.
i usually give a good write up and i never insinuate someone is gay.
the foxholers can say what they want in the comments.
it is an open forest down there.
if they have secrets they want to share

Isn’t that your own fault?

say what you want about my blog,
but i believe in the power of things coming together.
i’ve only written 9,127 entries,
but my blog is at:

15 million views
seen by more than 3 million people thus far

this year alone,
i have pulled in more than 300,000 views every month.
( x my pinterest ) shocked me with close to 200,000 views last month.
so i don’t think photographers,
or the staff at tv shows,
or even the editors at “essence” magazine are thinking:

“He is on Jamari Fox’s blog.
He is gay.
Don’t use him.”

i have great fuckin taste and if i feature someone,
that means i saw something in them that’s attractive.
that means a foxholer in kansas knows who you are now.
that means your brand is seen by someone other than ig and snap.
that also means more business for you now/in the future.
these dumb ass pineapples cut their noses off to spite their faces.
that’s why most of the attentionistos i wrote about before,
and were mad about being written bout on insidejamarifox.com,
are pretty much has beens now.

thanks to the foxhole from all over the us/world,
and the fox behind it,
my blog still continues to push.
it’s a privilege to be featured on here.


lowkey: males gotta stop thinking because i’m gay means i’m powerless.
the way my future life will be set up:

i’ll be unemployed this month,
but next month,
be working with either beyonce or rihanna looking for male models to cast for their newest videos.

don’t sleep on my power.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

28 thoughts on “I Don’t Ever Want To Be Featured on insidejamarifox.com”

  1. Most of them be booty tootching with their duck lips and smize. Looking like an insta-thot auditioning for ANTM.

    1. Well, the category IS butch queen sex siren looking for a come up using tired ass poses and moves that were used back in the early 2010s. The gag is, they’re trying to get their tens when in reality, the Instagram Ball in 2010 was over and done and these tired ass late ballroom queens are trying to arrive at the event where there no spectators and no one to give them their tens.

      The only delusional people that are giving them tens are these teenage love affairs that they develop through DMs and stories as of late. No one in the entertainment industry aren’t featuring them, so why try so hard to get in?

      So with that said, these IG attentionistos need to have several seats and fill out an application at The Home Depot or at Foot Locker. *flicks open folding fan and fans them self*

      1. you sum it up all.
        they trying relive something that did work the first time around and it working today. lord
        bless their poor little waste life.

    1. This is disappointing. I liked him, and it was nice to see him come up. All of this delves deeper than you guys realize. Here is the thing. Marshall is straight, yes he is. My thoughts are, those videos he created years ago were a ploy to lure gays to pay him for sex. Back then, he appeared to be struggling, and as we know people will do anything for money if the price is right. I mean, straight men are known for shaking their asses, but he opened his hole wide enough that we could see his prostate, which is questionable. Women will pay for sex, but most of them will not. Gay men are the ones straight men profit of off the most and are an easier audience to attract. Also, straight men have been known for engaging in gay porn because studios and producers pay actors more for gay scenes. This is the reason why we repeatedly explain to gays that they should not place straight men on a pedestal. While y’all are viewing them as potential sex partners, they are viewing you as dollar signs. You have readers on this very blog who would use their rent money to pay him for sex. True shit!

  2. Oh this guy again, I thought this was someone new until I put two and two together. Once again as I have mentioned before if you Google search half of these attentionistos your site comes up in like the first five results. That’s how big of an impact you are making, not only do you write up complementary posts on these guys, you always point out that they are straight with bold red writing.

    You don’t get to pick and choose who finds you attractive especially when you put your body and face out there for public consumption. He’s most likely just very aware of the fact that he only probably gets talked about one this site and when he is brought up those Twerking videos from his past come to light. Which is bound to happen once you releases stuff on the web like that.

    1. However you also can’t force yourself, your views, or opinions onto a person who doesn’t want it, that’s why this is America and it also can be considered harassment if you continue to feature someone who doesn’t like the attention.

      1. I don’t see how anyone is forcing their views on anyone by posting the same pics that said person puts on social media of their half naked body. Also keep in my mind that as far as I know this guy hasn’t respectfully come to Jamari and ask for his stuff to be taken down.

        And even if he did that decision would still be up to Jamari, since he has that disclaimer on this site.

        1. ^i was lost at the “forcing views”.
          so a full write up with the male,
          his career,
          brand info,
          and attraction is a “forced view”?
          i could have sworn we live in a free forest with different amendments also.

      2. why even post your pictures on the internet if you don’t want people too look at your pictures.
        that’s dumb as hell and also backwards as motherfucker..
        these guys be knowing what they be doing an what they looking to come from posting these pictures.
        for him to act like he’s that damn important too the world as whole is a fucking joke.

  3. Alright Jamari..let ’em know👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾
    By they way, intentional or not, the decision to use THAT picture has an inference parallel to a phrase that gets used when one finally….fill in the blanks

  4. Yes idk why but I read this post in Phaedra voice when she read Kenya abt the spelling donor 😭😭😭

  5. Don’t you just love these want to be actor, trainer, music artist, models.
    like said before about the other guy who did this very thing not too long ago.
    if you don’t want people to comment on your pictures stop taken them and posting them on social media.
    this is the classic of ass backwards.
    if you seen one guy like him you have seen them all. theirs nothing fucking special about them.
    do something more with you life than taken pictures of you ok body.

  6. *Slow clap* Great post. It really is a privilege to be featured on here and the fact that that goes over many an attentionisto’s head speaks volumes lol. Clearly if they don’t want the most exposure possible they really don’t want to go further in whatever they aim to do wit those pics they post. Let em shoot themselves in the foot. Attractive men are a dime a dozen on social media anyway *shrugs*

  7. SMFH. I first heard about thus asshole on THIS blog so he should be lucky his ‘LIKES” and subsequent followers are slowly building because he is being featured on blogs as he certainly not on mainstream media.

    These fuckers seek attention liked how we seek air to breath. I find all this 80s macho ‘no homo’ bullshit nothing but that- BULLSHIT. These niggas try to so hard to prove they only seek female followers, they change their language and speak in tongues that is so fake…… “No homo” , or posting a half naked pic and then comment “LADIES..”. like a half naked post will attract ONLY ladies. Like Seriously???? give me a fucking break.

    Here He is shaking his big ass dick on his gram an Tumblr and Yet he wants to be a mainstream model. Hmm Really? not impressed. HE REALLY WANTS TO DO PORN so go the fuck ahead and LIVE YOUR TRUTH.

    The eternal problem of people NOT LIVING THEIR TRUTH is the one problem that will wipe out this generation. Everyone wants to get the LIKES, to get the thousands of followers and they will do just about ANYTHING to achieve this.

    They are FAKE, EMPTY and amount to empty barrels that tumble at the slightest gust of interrogation. He should be happy his DICK is his drawing tool because take away that dick, he would be just another fucking nigga on the street, selling dope!

    Fucking Fool! Now i am going to unfollow his ass~

  8. Some men don’t like attention from gay men is what I’m saying and that is their right, and in respecting their rights means to not force the gay attention onto them, they may know that gay men pay attention to them, but to have it displayed on a platform where others can view might make them uncomfortable, and that’s forcing it into them.

    1. ^hey hove.
      thank you for the response.

      i can see your point,
      but lets look deeper than that.
      males aren’t the only ones looking at my site.
      plenty of vixens view as well.
      and as clueless as they seem,
      gay men are still looking and lurking in the shadows of their own pages.
      it’s never a complaint when those likes reach over 1,000 or the follower count goes beyond 25k.

      its also crazy that even if they know gay males will be viewing their pages,
      they continue to take their clothes off and show off their bodies.
      that tells me that they secretly like the attention and it keeps them relevant.

      do they think only women cast males for videos,
      modeling gigs,
      and fashion shows?
      it’s ignorant thinking to believe so and it’s excuses like the ones you provided that shows me how dumb they are.

      ill feature them and their shirtless antics.
      they’ll learn to live with it or shut down their accounts and take up knitting.

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