Jose Tavarez Doesn’t Know Us (and Wants His Shit Down)

well look foxhole…
we had our first angry feature on the ig foxhole.
does that mean the foxhole has made it?
worst of all,
it comes from the dominican wolf,
jose tavarez.
this is what he left in the comment section on his entry

a few months ago,
i was talking to one of my fav foxholers and he told me:

“stop posting these pineapples social medias.
stop giving them credits.

they get all love and don’t give you the same in return.”

it made sense.
it actually came right after chadoy leon said:

“i hear some gay guy is featuring me on his site.
i ain’t gay”

so that is one of the reasons i stopped crediting attentionistos.
the ones who have shown the foxhole love:

omarion ryan
royal g
flashman wade

i’ll give them love.
even when i wrote about fellow gays,
i got no love from them.
so this situation reminded me why i don’t/shouldn’t do it.

as for jose

He needs to shut the whole fuck up

his ig is literally him grinding,
showing off his cakes/print,
and turning up his lips like he smelled something stink.
he is a new prude because jamari fox wrote about him?
he should be thanking his lucky ass stars.
it was all good tho.
thanks to him,
i got a ton of views off his meat.
he got some new followers who want to fuck him in return.
it’s not like he is:

looking for a cure for cancer
fighting hiv
peace making between haiti and the dominican republic

he likes to work out,
show off his nice print,
and has a dominican wolf fat ass.
i’m highly confused at his outrage.

…and i’m not taking his shit down either.
he can  ( x contact me ) for further discussion.

lowkey: they get on me for a nice write up,
but then let some baiter put all their dick/bunz pics out there.
these pineapples are stupid.
i’m almost tempted to have one of my foxholer bait his ass.
really give him something to complain about.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “Jose Tavarez Doesn’t Know Us (and Wants His Shit Down)”

  1. “Ouch”, well next time pay him no attention. He’ll be surprised when most representation and “likes” come from us!

  2. I just smh when I saw you tagging them. I knew this would happen.

    I bet he didn’t turn down any new followers though.

  3. It’s so funny to read that he wants his photos down because he doesn’t know U. sounds like he’s barely literate, insecure..

  4. I get confused as to his reasoning is. He is putting up sexually suggestive pics in the guise of fitness and working out. You get mad that your body is now giving you an audience in the gay forests? Nothing was said negative about him so I don’t know what the issue is. I’m sure if he came respectful to you, it wouldn’t of been a bother to take it down. But if Pierre was to throw him some bands like he did the other two…..

    Leave that shit up.

  5. bless this man heart.
    he got nothing much going on for him self, beside a ok body.
    if you seen one guy like him you see them all.

    1. Exactly. I’ve been bored of these types for a long while now… and they all have the same personality, use the same camera angles, make the same “I’m so sexy” faces *yawn*. I wouldn’t even waste my time on them in real life. I don’t see how they expect to be taken seriously. What a bunch of clowns. They’re like clones, and it’s starting to get creepy, where’s the variety? This is exactly why I avoid IG and Snapchat like the plague. So vapid.
      My sights are on normal guys who don’t have to pretend to be macho, and can just be good people, all this flexin and tough talk are for people stuck in their own dysfunction and naivete.
      I would happily take his shit down because he doesn’t even deserve to be talked about, at least, not on this blog. Good riddance!

      1. amen too that.
        if he was to walk to me, I wouldn’t pay him attention if you ask me or pay me too.
        bird brain motherfucker.

    1. Y’all need to post some warnings on these links.You got me in line at CVS clicking on this.LOL
      No I didn’t notice the “XXX”, I’m sleepy and I have a toothache😂😂

  6. Don’t sweat it, you’ve been through this before with some of these attentionistos that have faded away while the foxhole is still up and standing.

    Like Fashionandsvedka said nothing negative was said about him, and if he came at you respectfully this would be nothing.

    1. Mikey I agree with you, in my opinion Jamari did everything right. Mr. Taveraz when you post sexually suggestive photos on the internet what do you think will happen. If you would like for your instagram posts to be exclusive to people who follow you, why not make your page private?
      It looks like your page is still open to the public, so was he really that offended? He could have easily sent a dm to resolve this, which leads me to believe that comment was for show.
      Jamari could have been very messy with his post, and spilled some tea but he didn’t. If all you advertise is ass, dick and body, people will see you just as that.

  7. These fitness and bodybuilder clones post all these vids and damn near naked photos highlighting dna on the World Wide Web then try to regulate who can and can’t share… Smh r u serious? Boy bye lol…J you have lasted many has been wannabes and will continue long after this guy is gone is 60 seconds. Keep it moving man. All the best in your endeavors.

  8. “i’m almost tempted to have one of my foxholer bait his ass.
    really give him something to complain about.”

    Ooooooweeee Jamari! haha….

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