when the folks tell me that there is no God,
i’m often baffled.
 “something” has been guiding me on this journey of mine.
i get ideas that just pop into my head/spirit,
and when i follow them,
all kind of magically delicious shit happens.
that is not for chance.
that’s God.
i’ve been seeing:


…all over the place.
i take that as signs rather than coincidences.
well when one of my foxholers sent me the following video,
i knew it was the work from the one above

that came right on time.
two vixens i know un-followed me in the past two days.
i thought we were cool,
but i was definitely wrong on that assumption.
so i decided to look deeper.
they were never my friends.
one became too conscious and woke for her own good.
she started posting about lions,
and how they are connected to our struggle.
everyone on her timeline was eating that shit up.
i didn’t fit her narrative anymore.

the second was this snow bunny i met at the last job.
she extended her paw to me when i got there.
when i was working there,
she was all over my social media.
as soon as i got the boot,
that came to a swift end.
i sent her a message recently and got no response.
i started asking myself what am i doing wrong?
is everyone leaving my life off social media?
you see that end of that sentence?
“…off social media”.
not even real life,
but this virtual high school we all attend via our phones.
it’s not even strangers,
but ones i actually know and communicated with in real life.

“God is cleaning shop.”

most of these randoms were never my friends anyway.
why should i care?
when my actual friends do this,
then it’s probably time to re-evaluate.
i saw that video and it all made sense again.

from the books i’ve been reading,
the messages in the shows i been watching,
and all the in-betweens,
my God has been preparing me for something.
i don’t know if he has been doing the same to you too.

lowkey: there is something amidst in 2017.
the energy is different.
through it all,
i’m happy.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “OH (GOD) YES! YES!”

  1. I reaaallly needed to read this.. I’ve said this in previous comments. Your going to be a great leader one day.

  2. A lot of the things the guy was talking about in the video are things I’ve thought about on and off for the past few months. As someone who goes throught depression and feelings of not feeling adequate about life, job, looks, loneliness and etc. I do think that social media plays a large part in that and I have tried to take breaks where I will delete them only to be drawn back into them a few days later.

    I also think it’s what and who we choose to follow. ( I mean we’re not As soon as you follow that good looking ig model you get suggestions for others just like that person.

    1. ^sometimes people in your life can have you feeling like shit.
      it doesn’t even have to be celebs.
      You’ll see your people in your life liking everyone else,
      but ignoring you.
      this is why I sign in the morning,
      do a quick scan of anything I missed,
      and then sign out until later that night.
      It keeps a balance and allows me to focus on other things during the day!

  3. I honestly needed this last night I was struggling with social media because I became so obsessed with dead connections to other folks and I’ve been dealing with a death in the family. So I decided to cut the connections and social media for a minute it’s become too much to where I couldn’t operate without it and I’m still struggling w/ family situations.

    I think stuff like this is definitely worth viewing just to remind myself that I have to separate from certain things and work on me.

    1. ^one of the best things ive recently learned is turning it off when im not using it.
      it resist the urges of going to check every two seconds.
      post/scroll for 3 minutes or less and keep it off.
      no working in the background or seeing messages coming in every two seconds.
      i sign out and go do other things.
      ill check back at the night and then ill sign out again.

      try that ronnie!
      My condolences on the death in your family as well!

  4. I really hate social media as it has become a cancer. I even hate it when I see individuals posting “woke” stuff on there and I’m like, “really? you can’t just be woke in real life? are you struggling with finding commonality in the real world?” Also, these attention whores, rappers, comedians, etc. are the by-product of what we see in terms of entertainment: all style, no substance. I really don’t see anything there with these people.

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