“let me see your shoes”

when harvey levin asks to see your shoes on a live tv show,
you show him your shoes.
so today,
i was on “tmz live” again.
my topic was “diddy and lori harvey” on their “viewer’s choice” segment.
( x this was the entry on tmz )
this was my answer

i was so embarrassed

…because i was about to put my entire leg on that table.
i have no common sense,
it was all in good fun tho.
that is legit my personality.
i’m glad it was able to shine through in this second opportunity.
i was nervous,
but not as bad as the first time.
harvey and charles are really cool and they’re great hosts of the show.
i cannot believe i was on “tmz live” again.

Who TF am I right now?

these were the shoes i wore today:


*i gotta send major love to “tmz live“.
they legit gave me a shot and i’m super appreciative.
i can’t put into words how extremely grateful i am.

32 thoughts on ““let me see your shoes”

  1. Let me see your shoes? There you go kissing up the dirty fake Jew thinking this is what you have to do to be on tv. Smh. I guess this is where you belong with you lips on his fake Jew ass!

  2. Oooo I just love this! I hope all the success comes your way. I’ve been reading/lurking your blog for years and I know you have so much to offer handsome. Go get it!

  3. Definitely grown and sexy vibes going on this vid. i’m glad we saw more of your personality this go round. I’m sure the next time will be even more awesome. You got style and swag. And that Harlem twang!!!?…

    Nice hands too!! #FetishAlert. Congrats again on all your success. This is only the beginning J. Get ready to see some randoms try to get back into your life as the level up continues…

  4. I am still in awe of how the Universe is bending in your way! Keep shooting for the galaxy my friend!

  5. I feel like I’m invading your privacy. I’m so used to..the mystique and mystery. Thank you for sharing with us! Don’t worry. That was a perfect moment to go viral, because it was cute.

  6. Happy for you. And for some reason you look better in this interview. Don’t get me wrong you were cute in the other but this one gave me grown man sexy.

  7. Jamari You’re Moving On Up! Keep On Pushing The Barriers Are Breaking Down Slowly But Surely! Maybe You Can Get A Job At TMZ, A Sponsor For Your Blog, Or Talk Show

  8. OMG Jamari I’m so happy for you! This is amazing. It’s also nice to finally see what you look like! Heyyyyyy boo ;-). I am now gonna read ALL your posts in that Harlem accent. LOL

    Congrats man. This is great. I’m so glad the fruits of your labor are finally pushing through. This is just the beginning. Remember us OGs when you make it big!

  9. And I Oop!

    I am Soo late. I haven’t been able to frequent the blog as much as I used to back in the day ( I see a lot of new usernames…) But this is my first time seeing you on the screen in person. The man behind the blog. I was really my bf..”OMG..look it’s Jamari!”

    Him: who?

    Me: Boy shut up. You know who the hell I’m talking about. 🙄

    Jamari looks so adorable on TMZ live. But it’s so exciting to see you get this exposure.

    You need to come out with a book, so you can do an autobiographical interview. Like other, your story from the till now would be interesting. You could inspire others.

    Good job on sticking things out this far and not being weighed down in out Canecerin emotions. For as senstive as we are, we have 100x as much ambition and passion for what we believe in, all the way to the top!!


    1. ^thanks jammy!

      the cancerin emotions are at an all time high.
      i’m sure i picked myself apart in that video like 30 times lol
      i’m still gonna climb because it’s time to make moves.

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