“let me see your shoes”

when harvey levin asks to see your shoes on a live tv show,
you show him your shoes.
so today,
i was on “tmz live” again.
my topic was “diddy and lori harvey” on their “viewer’s choice” segment.
( x this was the entry on tmz )
this was my answer

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charles makes “manual labor” look good

marvin bienaime does it again.
he’s responsible for me getting pregnant.
thank you marvin.
you ask?
charles and the bts to ^that nude calendar shoot…

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charles may have a secret (don’t they all?)

it’s going to babe…
so charles is definitely the hot ticket right now.

his salad tossing teaser video has reached 1 million views on facebook.
with this sudden burst of popularity comes a lot of sniffing around.
it’s only natural.
a foxholer sent me the following picture from charles alleged facebook…
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i’d love charles to be the meat in my salad (inside voice)

do you mind if i take off my shoes for a second to talk about charles?
i just want to get comfortable.

i’ve been wanting to font about charles and look at God…
marvin bienaime posted a thanksgiving preview starring charles.
a foxholer alerted me to the following and well…
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marvin bienaime is finally dropping his load on friday

guess who tole us?
marvin bienaime,
that’s who.
his ’19 artistic nude digital calendar goes on pre order on black friday (11/23).
he had some visuals to share…
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i’m TIED of marvin bienaime and this damn charles (TIED)

so i’m down in bk at a basketball game,
living my best “inbetween blessings” life,
and the foxhole decides to turn me tf on.
ya’ll ain’t right.
turns me on HEAVY.
marvin bienaime too.
he’s always the main culprit with his shoots.
so it was about charles.
oh charles.
just look at what marvin posted with charles in another shoot…
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