charles makes “manual labor” look good

marvin bienaime does it again.
he’s responsible for me getting pregnant.
thank you marvin.
you ask?
charles and the bts to ^that nude calendar shoot…

…and then this teaser of charles washing a car:

no one,
besides marshun,
is touching charles right now.
with all this hype,
charles will probably be in a tyler perry movie by next year.

lowkey: it would be in charles best interest to stay mysterious.
he doesn’t speak,
turns us on,
and knows how to go away
one wrong move and the spell will be broken.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “charles makes “manual labor” look good”

  1. I hope he keeps it mysterious. LAWD, he is so sexy!!! You know Jamari that one move will ruin the whole wet dream!!

  2. Charles is Marvin’s new “Donny savage” Charles is all over my twitter TL. He’s cute ,not my type… too light for me lol. You can tell Marvin likes him more than the other guys he shoots these days.

  3. Don’t get me wrong. He has sex appeal but he not all that. I do love that caramel complexion though. Just a thought..some men are sexy as long as they keep their mouths closed, he has his opened a few shots, lets hope nothing slides out one of these to make his afterglow a bit shady.

    1. I prayed for Zeus to put a shock to your back door. Multiple gods are supposed to be denoted with a lowercase ‘g’.

  4. He’s the kind of man that’s OBVIOUSLY good looking and knows it so I’d be turned off pretending not to see him at work, and he comes over to me trying to be friendly and I decide to be an A hole and he calls me the stuck up B word and we argue and the tension just be off the charts then I’d let him do me face down A up in the employee bathroom.

    1. @JimmyDean16

      LMAO 🤣 this comment won the innanetz today! And it’s so true! This dynamic play out every week in most workplaces. That incredibly sexy guy who makes us feel awkward and clumsy so we treat him like he’s invisible yet we secretly want to eat his cakes in the supply room lol

      Btw – I didn’t get the chance to respond to your comments on that DL Hughley entry the other day. Your comments were so on point when you asked the rhetorical question:

      Obviously no one responded because they were busy defending DL Hughley and Kevin Hart, so please know I that appreciate your pushback on the insanity. Thanks 😌

    1. ^this is a good question.

      these types come off like celebs.
      they think women are the main consumers of these calendars so they’ll pander to that audience for the likes and follows.
      many could be straight,
      while others are gay/bi OR DL.
      we may never know who is DL until they start throwing that dick to the messy ones

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